Will there be a discussion thread not closed?

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I'd just like to know. People are finally ready to talk. Discord has been bumping all afternoon. 

If we're not going to have this subject here on the forum, can we have a heads up about that? Some artfully crafted statement about "at this time" and "volitile subject" or something. Then there's a definitive line in the sand. Thanks!

I didn't even know this section was here! It's not apparent on how I view the forum with my phone.


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    Look at the forum rules, there's enough guidelines on there as to what can be discussed.



    Advice: A gaming forum isn't the best place to discuss controversial issues.  

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    And yet with how interconnected everything is globally, especially digital things with electricity, then yes this may be exactly the right place. How else do I find an appropriate random sampling of an international population?

    Are we all getting the same news? Not in russia and even china disseminated russia's false info statements through it's own internal social media. If we can't talk about these things..


    (to clarify that last part, that's a cultural context thing. The statement is used with an annonynous "they", much like if you took the boogyman and made a group of them.)
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    Let's see if you can guide me...
    If this is a game, and political issues should not be allowed, why make a political decision? Are the players in certain areas guilty or are they civilians like any other player in the world? I deeply regret what is happening, but I feel that information is being biased on both sides.
    I appreciate a cordial response, as I find myself really worried about fellow players who are just ordinary people.
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    I agree. I think it's strange that there isn't the ability to discuss it when this decision NG just made is political and controversial. 

    I am in the US, but I play in a diverse guild family that includes Russian players. I completely support Ukraine and think this war is horrific, just as they do. They are currently facing their own very difficult and personal and life decisions right now that are complicated, including whether and how to flee and whether that is even feasible. There are nuances to all of this that are not being considered, and I don't agree with turning your backs on them and booting them from our gaming community. People who have been playing this game since it launched.

    For players who might be brainwashed with misinformation, offer them resources for getting informed.

    • Please avoid discussing any sensitive topics which could cause offence to others. Such topics might include (but aren’t limited to): religious discussion, political discussion, sensitive personal issues/problems.
    Yet, that bans us from speaking out to say we don't support this political decision NG has made that causes offence to loyal players of this game who support Ukraine but had a roll of the dice to be born in Russia versus Finland.

    I just want to voice that there are many non-Russians throughout the world who understand that Putin and Russians are not synonyms for each other and that having empathy and compassion for the victims of this insane dictator, including average Russian civilians, does not in any way detract from my/our/their support of Ukraine and horror at the atrocities and war crimes being committed against the people of Ukraine.
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    Avoid discussing sensitive topics except for in the news on the game itself.   There's zero reason for a zombie game to tell people which side to take or who to donate to.

    Where does it stop?  Are they gonna tell us who to vote for next?  If we can't discuss it here, keep it out of the game
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    Sorry NG but you are way out of line removing PLAYERS from these countries. They have NOTHING to do with the insurrection occurring. 

    These players are now victims of your unwarranted decisions. 
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    zbot said:

    Advice: A gaming forum isn't the best place to discuss controversial issues.  

    So where should we voice our disagreement of the expulsion of players in the game???
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    Honestly, Fuck you NG.... 
    How dare you ban people who are completely innocent..... 
    Politics are not allowed in a game, and then you make this shit up? 
    Well fuck you and good bye. 
    At least you have a reason for banning me now... May you sleep well at night... 
    I am done with this shitty game.
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    Find the action of the dictator NG even works.
    Everyone should boycott the game until Russia and Ukraine are allowed to play again. As soon as the countries are banned I will boycott the game
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    Saturn said:
    Blocking Russian and Belarussian players from playing doesn't do anything good. It doesn't affect anyone responsible for the war, and neither does it affect the Russian economy or anything like that. It's not like you are paying them for playing - it's them paying you whenever they purchase something ingame (although they now might not be able to do that anymore for the foreseeable future due to massive inflation etc). If anything, it punishes many Russian and Belarussian players who probably don't even agree with the war and just want to live their lives in peace (like most people do). And who knows; ingame chats might be a way of openly talking about issues among those players, since it's likely not as monitored and state-controlled as social media for example.
    Please reconsider. The only message you are sending is "Russian people are all bad. We must punish them." even though it's clear that A LOT of them don't support this war at all - just look at the numbers of arrested protesters. That's a lot, and that despite threats of severe punishment.
    Anyway, those are just my two cents. You do what you wanna do.
    I just posted in another thread that similarly got censored.

    I did not even express agreement or disagreement on the issue. I merely stated the facts:

    1. I have Ukrainian friends. In fact I have built a fundraising website for one friend who is organizing humanitarian aids on the ground in Kamianet Podilsky.

    2. I have Russian friends. A couple of them have donated $100 each for the Ukrainian cause, making Russians the largest contributors in my fundraising in the 1st hour the website was open. None of my Russian friends support the war. One of them actually joined a protest, putting her own livelihood at risk.

    3. I have Belarusian guildmate. The guy is cool.

    I suggested rather than banning the Russians, they should just take all money from Russia and donate it to Ukrainian and humanitarian aids. Better yet, do some $ matching. So every $1 that Russian spends on the game will go as like $5 to Ukraine and humanitarians. For me, that's the best way to stick it up to the poo tin.

    How is this political? How is anyone might be upset by this idea? How is this unrelated to the game?

    NG does what NG wants to do, of course. But censoring good, reasonable ideas simply show that they are not any better than the guys they are supposedly sanctioning.
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    To specify:
    Also some extra off-topic specific guidelines just to keep it clean.

    • Please avoid discussing any sensitive topics which could cause offence to others. Such topics might include (but aren’t limited to): religious discussion, political discussion, sensitive personal issues/problems.
    Due to the above, I will close this thread.
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