About recent decisions and actions (14.3.2022)

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Open your eyes. And don't be fooled.


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    @Lexia Can you guys please explain why NG chose a different course of action than Epic, Fortnite, etc. who from my understanding chose to cut the flow of money to and from Russia but did not ban players. I think it would help to understand what the rationale was.

    I also think that saying banning discourse on this because it could hurt our community doesn't make sense because it doesn't acknowledge that so does suddenly losing a chunk of our community and not being able to talk about it. Many have been in this community for years or some since the game launched. Are they now and never were who we are referring to when we say our community? It doesn't make sense.
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    Blame Vladimir Putin I mean LEEEEEEROY JENKINS!

    Please close this thread before it turns into this:
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