New characters

liorsalmanliorsalman Member Posts: 270
@Lexia maybe in the next update Consider adding new characters?
I was thinking about
lydia -leader trait can be same as beta she will be in scout class 
Judith grimes-leader trait can be critical hits in second shot against special walkers she will be in shooters class 
Connie-leader trait will be reduced threat she will be in scout class 


  • lelouchkurolelouchkuro Member Posts: 2
    edited April 15
    What about increasing availability of tokens along with adding characters like:

    -Telltale games Lee(Scout, Hunter, or Shooter)

    -FTWD Travis Manawa(Scout or Shooter)

    -FTWD Chris Manawa(Scout)

    -FTWD Troy Otto(Assault, Hunter, or Scout)

    -Jake Otto(Shooter or Scout)

    -Tyreese(Scout or bruiser)

  • JordanYukiJordanYuki Member Posts: 506
    Lee Everett from Telltale is one of my top characters from TWD universe that I’d like to see in NML. Along with Lydia (Bruiser), Tyreese, Nick (FTWD), Hope (World Beyond) and Clementine (Telltale)

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