Lucky DCM vs Lucky DAR

Hi all,

I’ve never used assaults before but decided I should try them out. Decided I was going to wait until either Lucky DCM or Lucky DAR came into the BM. Lucky DCM showed up a few days ago and it’s brilliant - love it. Only had it a couple of days but finally unlocked Mercer and am having so much fun.

From what I’ve read Lucky DCM seems to be most people’s weapon of choice for assaults, but after waiting for one of them to show up the Lucky DAR is now available. I don’t have loads of gold but I do have enough to buy this and the only other two weapons I’m still waiting to come round, Festive Shotgun and Crescent Edge.

My question is, considering I already have a Lucky DCM am I likely to find much much for a Lucky DAR? I really like the idea of no threat. To everyone who has both… do you use the DAR much or do you just rely on the DCM?



  • JordanYukiJordanYuki Member Posts: 335
    I sometimes use the DAR in the last challenge rounds, to root multiple tanks, spikes. Rest of the time I use the Decimator.
  • AgoatrodeoAgoatrodeo Member Posts: 47
    Hmm… so it does have it uses then?

    Would you rather have both or two Lucky DCMs?
  • CronusCronus Member Posts: 1,402
    If you get to round 64 and higher regularly it is likely on a given week that you'd need to use the lucky DAR over the lucky decimator to beat a map. There are also some higher maps in The Distance where this is true and perhaps on a mapset like The Heavies there is a use for the lucky DAR. I would rather have one of each if given the choice. Charged assault week (tag me when when that happens again) might be a time where two decimators would be used. Even so you could likely do fine with a lucky decimator and a lucky DAR in that case.

    So in short, yes a lucky decimator is an important weapon to have. And yes there are maps where you require the stopping power of the lucky DAR and/or the necessity for a weapon that does not generate a threat. If you have to controlling the spawn numbers and keep them low the lucky decimator can't be used. The lucky DAR can be used here in combination with melee or heroes with other silent weapons like the shooter bow.
  • AgoatrodeoAgoatrodeo Member Posts: 47
    I’ve got the winter bow and winter harpoon, so the thought of doing SPY without generating any threat sounds very cool.

    Thanks for your response, I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it all. Hopefully I’ll get to a place of being as knowledgeable eventually and look forward to being able to help others as you’ve helped me.

    I’m going to buy the DAR and start the upgrade. Thanks again
  • find2046find2046 Member Posts: 112
    Lucky Tactical DCM is the best.  Stun 2 rounds let team go thru a pile of walkers.
    On the other hand, we need to keep a distance between walkers while using DAR.
  • Carl_Tyreese999Carl_Tyreese999 Member Posts: 99
    In my opinion lucky DCM is overall better in most situations especially with the Sasha/Yumiko/Assault bodyshot team because it generally hits more targets. However, lucky DAR has some good uses. For example, it works really well on maps with a lot of tank/spiked walkers that can't be stunned. Also if you use it with a winter harpoon gun/cripple winter bow you can get a Sasha/Yumiko/Assault(probably princess or mercer) team without generating any threat. So its really up to preference. With that being said I use both 
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,068
    edited April 27
    Tactical lucky DCM is like the bread and butter, the meat and potatoes, the main course... And everything else is like the side salad. Sometimes you really need that side salad but sometimes it just gets left on the table.

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