Yet Another Bi-weekly challenge poll - Burnout?

lobofettlobofett Member Posts: 15
I know this has been said quite a bit, The double events is causing burnout to guild im in, people are quickly losing interest in the game! It has also caused fighting amongst players. People want to be apart of guilds that produce, so that they can gain rewards, but pressure of producing with no time off is quickly getting old. Peoples numbers are getting lower and lower, and people that used to produce are fading away.

Also with no time in between, if people don't log in in time before reset, they never get to see final results of the previous challenge.

Yet Another Bi-weekly challenge poll - Burnout? 60 votes

Please change back to one a week
60% 36 votes
At least give a day off!
16% 10 votes
Like the two challenges
23% 14 votes


  • ZitroneZitrone Member Posts: 73
    2 Challenges is too Much
  • MissSFXMissSFX Member Posts: 177
    I'm stuck on levels at the minute. So I personally really like the 2 a week. Plus I get bored of the same challenge over and over. So I enjoy and look forward to the next. If it was one challenge for a whole week. I would still only get the same amount because I'd personally lose interest.
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  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,219
    You can play the challenges as much or as little as you like. So if you don't want to play 2 challenges a week, don't. Jsut play 1.

    Personally, I like having 2, because it helps me earn more trade goods.
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  • lobofettlobofett Member Posts: 15
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    yes you can play as much as you like as long as you dont want to be in a performance guild, and want to constantly be searching guilds that dont kick you. if you want maximum rewards you need to be part of performance guilds that have requirements. used to work well at one challenge a week, cause got breaks. And if you were in a performance guild then you would know that when there was one challenge you get a ton of rewards each challenge, from everybody putting in the work.
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
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    I like the 2 challenges. Like @MissSFX I get to a point where my survivors are not strong enough (especially in the Slaughterhouse challenge). So its quite nice.

    But I dont like that they start immediately and you can't even see the leader board.
    Maybe allow 12 hour down time after each challenge & also have the ability to see recent challenge results.
  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    Actually, bi-weekly means every two weeks. Semi-weekly means twice per week.

    A bi-weekly challenge would be boring.
  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
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    @blynknz I made a suggestion for just that.

    As it seems we are stuck with semi-weekly challenges, we might as well suggest ways to make them more palatable.
  • TiffanieBarmbyTiffanieBarmby Member Posts: 49
    I don't mind more challenges but a break in between would be good, it does place pressure on guild members to constantly keep up which can be hard with jobs and lives to tend to in between!
  • 1303niko1303niko Member Posts: 25
    Hi, personally I like the two challenges.
    I think ist is a clear statement from NG. With two challenges the active playeres will get preferred - and not the players with high level survivors.
    Player with less leveled survivors can collect more stars. From this point of view the game will get more activity.
    Another point is, that you will have the chance to get more rewards. With a new challenge the counting started again (12, 30, ...).

    I think it was a good idea from NG to double the challenges. Dont change it back
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 2,344
    I absolutely hate it and want NG to change back to 1 challenge per week and give us a break in-between challenges to unlock gear, grind for Xp and Soups and to enjoy other portions of the game. I hate it so much I wish they would give guild leader the option to choose to either have a 2 challenge or single challenge week. I almost lost 4 different members of my guild over this and another 2 earlier today. There are too many game bugs and malfunctions for this to even make sense and they are tearing guilds apart and chasing people away from the game with this crap.
  • blkjack0oblkjack0o Member Posts: 192
    I'm for 1 per week, or at minimum reform on having two: a day break and previous challenge stats. Many players that I know who started way back when are leaving.

    I understand the argument on rewards; rewards are better by grinding deadly missions, I get at least 1 legendary a week from that at or near my player level... and the lack of rewards for the first 5 sets of challenges are a waste, so it slows your progression on XP/food to level.

    I understand the argument that you don't have to do every challenge; to be in a decent guild there's a minimum, but it's also a goal of many people to help get their guild to the leader board, and people aren't apt to pull your weight if you aren't contributing a fair amount.

    So now that's out of the way, what are the other positives? Umm, I could tell you the negatives...

    - Burning out players
    - Majority don't want it (I think this is the 4th poll that tells the same story)
    - Players are leaving the game quickly
    - Challenge star totals are broken and have been for weeks
    - Guilds can't get stats outside of the 1 hour between challenges.
    - NG won't comment on this after tons of posts objecting and very direct questions, so we feel ignored
    - Chat and forum posts are strongly weighted negative instead of positive about the game now (bugs aside)
  • drinkydrinky Member Posts: 414
    id like 1, but would accept if there a day off at least between them
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  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    Duly noted.
  • PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783

    Already given my reasons for liking the 2 challenges per week in detail in another thread. But to keep it short, I get about 85% more rewards per week from 2 WC, vs only 1 WC a week.

  • Tox_i_6TTox_i_6T Member Posts: 23
    back to one challenge per week with a day off like before
  • lobofettlobofett Member Posts: 15
    eetu said:

    Duly noted.

    unfortunately i say that to my daughter when she wants something and i have no intention of coming through for her... lol
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