Make Tactical an Armour Trait for Melee

BenjaminTBenjaminT Member Posts: 435
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Here is my suggestion for bringing more balance between ranged heroes and melee. I’m not sure why Tactical is even a weapon trait, it really sounds like it should be an armour trait.

But seeing as it is, why not start adding it to melee armour?


  • JordanYukiJordanYuki Member Posts: 493
    I’ve suggested this multiple times for GW melee vests. It would open up a lot of possibilities.
  • BenjaminTBenjaminT Member Posts: 435
    It’s such an obvious idea I almost didn’t post because I’m sure everyone else will have thought of it already. And perhaps there’s a good reason why it wouldn’t work.

    I’ve been reading a bit recently about how Hershel LT and the new trait might bring melee closer to ranged. And wondering why what seems like the simplest idea to me hasn’t happened yet. I wouldn’t even suggest infusing it, just put Tactical into the mix for random armour. 

    Silver Tactical, Gold Ruthless and Gold Primed would be amazing for Scouts and Warriors. Not sure about bruisers; Silver Tactical, Gold Primed and Hazard?
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,214
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    Don’t forget about luck, only class not to have a lucky armour yet. 
    My suggestion would be silver tactical, gold ruthless, gold primed, infused lucky. 
    If they wanted to add tactical to standard armour that would be good too as would free up a weapon slot but then again a lot of weapons have tactical already and doubling up on it would be a waste. 
  • BenjaminTBenjaminT Member Posts: 435
    I’d be thrilled with a silver tactical, gold ruthless and primed, and infused lucky armour.

    But even more than that I think having Tactical as a standard armour trait for melee only would go a long way towards levelling the playing field between melee and ranged. I’ve been using the Interrupt Hockey Stick a lot recently, if I could get Tactical as an armour trait as well then I think bruisers would be loads more viable at higher levels.

    A combination of Primed, Tactical and Interrupt for melee would be very powerful. And seems a lot less work than the several traits and new weapons it’d otherwise take to bring melee up to par
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