No access (update: fixed)

xeniiaxeniia Member Posts: 67
Unfortunately, I cannot play since I cannot pass the loading screen. Everything is fine with my internet connection (forum is loading and other apps too), so it is probably not on my side. In last 30 minutes I've heard from a couple of other players that they also have difficulties with logging in. I would appreciate the help. 



  • ZardoxZardox Member Posts: 139
    Same issue here on 2 devices both running iOS 
  • warlock1271warlock1271 Member Posts: 224
    Same on Android 

  • Singer01Singer01 Member Posts: 147
    I cannot get on game on phone or ipad

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    Its STINGER01 not Singer01 lol
  • ZardoxZardox Member Posts: 139
    There is also other members of my guild same issue 
  • find2046find2046 Member Posts: 135
    I've reinstall & clear cache but no help.  And I found none of staff discover the problem and enjoy their holiday.  It's disappointing
  • Singer01Singer01 Member Posts: 147
    I think servers are down..
    It happens every time they go on holiday lol
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    Its STINGER01 not Singer01 lol
  • BojanglesBojangles Member Posts: 123
    Same here…

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  • Singer01Singer01 Member Posts: 147
    Leader of STALKERS_CAMP
    Level 78
    Its STINGER01 not Singer01 lol
  • JGUYJGUY Member Posts: 49
    @Fluxxx The game is not loading on both Android and IOS. 
  • anniesprinklesanniesprinkles Member Posts: 276
    Same here!  Game not loading.

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  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 117
    I'm surprised there's no announcement
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager, Staff Posts: 1,114
    edited July 2022
    Thanks for the report! We're having a look at this, it seems like our servers are experiencing a fairly widespread issue - most have already recovered, meaning that access to the game will return to a portion of players. By the looks of it, it's a matter of time before the rest returns to the normal state.

  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 117
    There's already another thread about this problem under the Game Issues section

  • ionicaionica Member Posts: 83
    The game won't load. The error message says it cannot connect to the server. 
    Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  • ADPaqADPaq Member Posts: 441
  • AitorAitor Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2022
    Yo tampoco puedo acceder, me aparece el mismo error
  • BauerpowerBauerpower Member Posts: 5
    @Fluxxx I missed out on 30 tokens because of this bs
  • xeniiaxeniia Member Posts: 67
    @ambience this was the first one 🤷‍♀️
  • walkingbreadwalkingbread Member Posts: 11
    Same here
  • ThüringerThüringer Member Posts: 89
    Here too, i can not connect with the game... 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Dani1982Dani1982 Member Posts: 9
    Ich kann mich auch nicht mehr einloggen..... 
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 7,144
    Solar storm anyone? 😜
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  • todortodor Member Posts: 2
    same here in Greece
  • Tolis66Tolis66 Member Posts: 2
    Me too,no way since 6 hours about …
  • Dani1982Dani1982 Member Posts: 9
    Ich hatte das Spiel neu installiert, da kam ich rein. Ich habe dann meinen alten spielstand geladen und danach kam ich wieder nicht mehr rein.... 
  • todortodor Member Posts: 2
    same here in Greece...
  • ionicaionica Member Posts: 83
    Does this mean we're on a break until the devs return from holidays?
    I still have campaign tokens to collect, and next week its war time.
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