I don't have my free gas booster

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So i don't have my free gas booster for some reason ? also the recent update too everytime i want it i have to ask the support and when i ask the support they took thousand of years to reply ==" please give me the gas booster during the jackpot event , 5s survivor upgrade and Radio active are still on going , it's been over 2 day now =="


  • ShianShian Member Posts: 139
    please help :(
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,803
    @Shian what is your council level?
  • ZXerZXer Member Posts: 150
    @Lexia I am trying to help here because perhaps this poor guy is misunderstood?

    His misfortunes seem to begin when somebody hacked into his account, then you guys migrated his account to new account and block his old one.

    Since then he has always been complaining that he never receives freebies when everyone else gets them.

    He has contacted support multiple times and the answers have always been the same: send screen shots, but nothing gets done (or gets done too late).

    I can see how this problem is more complex that one could understand, and perhaps it is impossible for him to receive freebies automatically. But since this are recurring problems - would it not be possible to leave a note to support so each time he sends in ticket, he gets the freebies immediately rather than going through this frustrating cycle of sending screen shots and complain and complain and gets nothing done?

    Again I am just trying to help here. I understand his problem but does not sound like you guys do.
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    zbot said:
    @Shian what is your council level?
    .-. it seem like you dont watch my video xD search youtube my name watch them , thanksss <3
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    @zbot Shian is end gamer, survivor level 29 and all. I see that a straight answer would serve him better but he's been angry after being asked the same questions over and over and gets no resolution.

    I want to point out again all his misfortune starts when somebody hacked into his account and you guys migrated his account into a new account then block the old one.

    This is not the case somebody not knowing what they're doing.
  • ShianShian Member Posts: 139
    I got my Gas :D thanks 
    @ZXer , @ATLAS-Z and support team <3

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