Suggestion: New Warrior Weapon - Tyresse’s Hammer

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I really hope something is in the works  :D 

I wonder what kind of warrior weapon could rival the Morning Star, maybe something with rooting and push mechanics in the special functionality? Maybe a herding weapon a bit like Riot Shield? Or something to do with Weakening?

How about…

Special Functionality: Attacks a three-space arc in front of the survivor. Non-body shots push enemies back 1 space. Targets which collide with other enemies or obstacles are stunned for 1 turn. Enemies which collide with a pushed target are also stunned for 1 turn.

Charge Attack: Bonus attack which inflicts guaranteed Critical Hit and roots enemies 

Silver: Tactical
Gold: Razor
Gold: Destructive

So it’s basically just Luke’s Gear Mace with push mechanics and it roots on a charged attack  :D



  • BenjaminTBenjaminT Member Posts: 258

    Tyresse’s Hammer
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,155
    Still not better than morning star… 
  • BenjaminTBenjaminT Member Posts: 258
    Firekid said:
    Still not better than morning star… 
    You’d rather two Morning Stars still than one of each?

    I can see some advantages to this weapon over morning star, namely rooting specials, but I guess you’re right that if a morning star with Ensnare comes out (which I hope it will) then that’ll probably pip this weapon, even in niche cases.

    But it’d be great to have something for warriors which genuinely gives you something to think about when picking a weapon for warriors. Fingers crossed NG have got something in development  :p
  • BenjaminTBenjaminT Member Posts: 258
    Firekid said:
    Still not better than morning star… 

    Or what if charged attacks covered a 9 tile area like Morning Star or Bruiser Smash?
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    What if Tyreese's Hammer can stun walkers immune to stun?  :o

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