A different Challenge Stars are wrong

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I started this as a new thread because it is different than the other challenge star issues. A little background is I keep stats on our guild members, and keep a spreadsheet week to week. With the new challenge timeline it's not always easy to catch the 1 hour after the end of the challenge to get the final numbers, so I've used the formula:
player total guild challenge stars (from clicking on player info) less total before last event, less current challenge stars. That should equal what they got in the last challenge.
This week that didn't work out though. I know I had 185 from the last even, but it came out to 364 by that formula, and every guild member's numbers were way off. All it really did was prevent me from getting stats from the last challenge, but thought I'd report it.


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    @blkjack0o I am having a hard time following... can you provide screenshots and explain a bit more?

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    Alibaba said:

    @blkjack0o I am having a hard time following... can you provide screenshots and explain a bit more?


    There isn't really a way to help with a screen shot, but I can better explain with an example. In short, each player in the guild's "All time stars in guild" was higher than it should be at the end of last challenge.

    For example, my total challenge stars at the end of the forest event (ended 3/14) was 1,981 since joining the guild. Following the slaughterhouse when looking at my total challenge stars (Click globe, click your own name) my "All time stars in guild" was 2,372. In this current challenge, at that time, I had 27 stars, so to figure out the total stars from the previous event I'd use the formula from above...

    2,372 - 1,981 - 27 should equal the last challenges stars I earned, but this comes out to 364, but I know I only did 185.

    This was consistent with every player in the guild, being around 200 total stars higher than they should be. (amounts differed per player)
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