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    Merging thread with original.

    @csmith5390 Please do not make multiple threads as this is considered spam.

    Seems like you got a good haul. I have used 250 radios and not one legendary (I did get 3 epics though) and some people have had worse luck than you.

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    I had a decent % of epic and legendary survivors. Not what I needed, but can't say anything bad about the %...

    246 Radios = 16 calls
    Legendary 12.5%
    Epic 56.25%
    Rare 31.25%
    *All calls were 15 radios
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  • Verbaub said:

    Just to put things in perspective, those are pretty decent drop rates that all of you had.

    @csmith5390 you did 7 pulls and got 1 L, 1 E and 5 R ---> 1/7 = 14%, that's pretty decent for getting a Legendary.
    @VanHelsing 8 epics out of 14 pulls? that's pretty ... well ... epic. that's a 57% success rate for Epics, which is pretty high.
    @MissSFX 4 pulls is kind of a small sample - but I would say you had the worst luck of all.

    for what its worth, i've done 3 - all Epics. an Assault, followed by a better Assault which I replaced, followed by a lesser Assault which I scrapped.
    its a total crap shoot

    So these people got screwed like most and you tell them they won, really
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    I'm pretty stoked with my epic scout 10/18 with luck dodge and retaliate. Also got two more epics (shooter to 16 with luck dodge and iron skin, shooter to 18 with dodge and gold luck) and a rare bruiser to 18 with luck and dodge..
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    I did some 1 radio pulls, been my best results since upgrading radio tent to starting level of 16.

    Yes they are common or uncommon, but they have had the best starting level. Got a warrior at 16 out of 18. None of my other warriors go to 18, one goes to 17. Cost less to get to 17 in XP which opened access to higher level weapons. Of course this depends on what you have, but I dropped a couple of Epics that have not moved along yet and probably never will due to their ceiling and how much upgrade was needed. For instance, keeping the 16 out of 18 in lieu of trying to upgrade 12 of 17 Rare made sense to me since I had maxed out 16 and 15 level Epic Warriors. Just did not see the upside in bringing the 12 of 17 along. The upgrade from 16 to 17 was 9 hours, which is nothing compared to the normal time of 15 hours or so. Dropped an 11 out of 16 Epic Hunter for same reasons.

    Not saying I am not bummed about the 15 radio results. But there are some options, depending where you are in the game, to ease things a bit.
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    Yesterday I had a buzz and wasted about 370 phones..
    Needless to say, i got only legs in classes i dont use a lot..
    Wanted another leg shooter or warrior so bad.

    Just scrapped a legendary scout 16/17 two days ago for xp..
    Pulled another epic shooter &warrior but scrapped them, because the roster is full..
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    Weekend special event my ass. Spent all my radios collected over a few months for a few rare craps. These survivors will end up in the memorial soon enough for answering to my radio calls.
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    I don't save radios, 1 15 pull leg assault 8 of 18 . 1 5 pull epic hunter
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    At what rate are all the non believers expecting for pulling a legendary with 15 radios whether on an event weekend or not with your free to collect radios? (Tough if you paid real cash, they are not real survivors!)
    1 spent 175 radios received 1x legend, 2x epics and the rest rare. I was pleased! And that's after putting my only 2 legends and an epic in the memorial tent! It's part of the game, statistics in politics are manipulated, but random is random in game. Some are luckier than others. You have a one in six chance of rolling a 1 with a dice, ever rolled it 500 times? No pattern, and going through the stats I managed to roll all numbers except a 1 during a 50 roll streak! (I was 13 at the time).

    Will you start a post next radio event when your first pull is a legend or will you just complain that he didn't have your favourite trait or it's the wrong class.
    Please please don't wish for the life of the game to be shortened. Enjoy what you have. I love my rares, it makes me think harder. I hate solitaire, now that's random.
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    I used 450 of my 650 radios yesterday for $hits and giggles...that's 30 calls (at 15 a pop).

    Pulled 4 legendary's (1 hunter, 1 warrior, 1 scout, and 1 bruiser), 10 epics, and 16 rares...I think those ratios are beyond okay.

    To all those whining like babies you do understand the game is RANDOM correct?? The radio tent doesn't understand your wants and feelings...it's a GAME.

    Sounds like a lot of you belong at a Hillary rally instead of playing this game...good lord!!
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    @SlickRick you is slick bruvver!
    yay Z Nation trailer now out for new season!
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    Used 210 radios at 15x none legendary, a lot of epica, a bullshit event
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    I got this scout on a 5call yesterday.

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    @DarkFae Now that's an event, Congrats!!!
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    Thanks :) I'm leveling her up as we speak.
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    SlickRick said:

    To all those whining like babies you do understand the game is RANDOM correct?? The radio tent doesn't understand your wants and feelings...it's a GAME.

    Sounds like a lot of you belong at a Hillary rally instead of playing this game...good lord!!

    Completely agree, and when people do get a legendary, they complain because its not the type they want.
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    DarkFae said:

    I got this scout on a 5call yesterday.

    That is a good one since you can unlock the first three traits by level 16. I do not use scouts often, but if I did I would want those traits. (I have one at 17 goes to 19. Silver Iron Skin Unlocked, 50% Silver Retaliate, 15% Gold Luck. ) I have a maxed out Epic 16 Warrior with your first three traits in order. Works really well.
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