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I've having a hard time finishing this mission. Any tips?


  • ZdravichZdravich Member Posts: 4
    Absolutely same here , failed it like 3-4 times still havent tried again( 3 - 10lvls)
  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    @TWD what have you tried and what lvl is your team? I beat it with my go to team of bruiser, scout, hunter... and I believe they were lvl 10-11.

  • TWDTWD Member Posts: 20
    Most of my survivors are level 9, I tried:

    - 2 warriors + hunter @ 100% interruption
    - 2 warriors + shooter @ 80% interruption
    - assault + hunter + shooter

    The most success I've had was with the 2nd combination, using mostly overwatch unless it's for a finishing move. I've gotten to the last car but couldn't get through the lvl 17 walkers near the end

    I guess I'll have no choice but to patiently level up all my survivors
  • hdhieuhdhieu Member Posts: 26
    9 is quite low, but if you have good gears, you still can do that.

  • TWDTWD Member Posts: 20
    My survivors definitely can't deal that much damage. I've been doing really well using overwatch + stealth to spawn only 2 walkers at a time but by the end of the map, I can never deal with lvl 19-20 walkers
  • ZdravichZdravich Member Posts: 4
    The problem is that on the Kapaoo's video he has 5 turns when he spawns and I have 4 which makes it a lot harder with 10's
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