Please help!!!! Deadly map reloaded-lost my survivors

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Ok Developers, this is my first thread as i don't really use the forums much but it's regarding some serious problems. I was farming stars for my guild and it's really nothing to worry about until this happened. I got rolled back several times, yes. But i didn't mind about those resources(exp/supplies) as i can get them back quite easily but my WHOLE team was destroyed.
Was playing my deadly ( i can say one of a regular map/ easy map) until my phone shows " Reconnecting... " then the game reloaded itself which i didn't aware of this terrible thing was going to happened. I logged back into the game BUT not the Deadly screen but the main screen instead, and my survivors pics came up. I lost my words as i didn't know how to express... 2 epic survivors & a legendary survivor. My best hitters were gone by a single text... Mods, devs... Please help ?
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    Dude!! That's rotten. I would submit a ticket through the game as well.

    Bumping your thread.


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    @SenoiaSurvivor yes i did an ingame ticket straight away then start posting here. Can't believe my first thread on the forums is this bad...
    And thanks for bumping my thread up :cry:
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    I lost everything too , don't know if submit tickets could help... What's the plan?? To fix thousand of tickets?? Please, share if someone will help you, because i see ppls submitting but no one "helped"...
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    Sorry for your loss but I'm afraid you won't get your survivors back...only if you get rolled back to a point before that mission.

    Had a similar case and support mentioned they're not able to resurrect lost survivors. You'll get some phones as compensation...and a tiny chance to get adequate survivors with your calls.
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    @capibara idk mate, never had this problem with survivors before. I read that they will give us something but idk if those compensations worth anything to what we lost. They did give me for my last rollback full supplies, 3750 gold & 30 radios ( actually i got 26 from them but didnt bother to write a ticket just about 4 radios, dont want to bitch around). So yeah those were "fair" for my progress as i spent £14.99 to bought a bundle & the game rolled back to 2 days before, if i did my math right, it's not fair but they did their job so it was cool to me.
    If i get a decent reply by one of the mods/devs i'll let u know.
    @Capleton im aware of that case. But probably they will give me AFTER the survivor event. Unless on those radios mark " leg survivors guaranteed"
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    I'd ask your App Store for a refund if you purchased any gold, as well. That's total BS!
  • @DavidLam256 same thing happened to me. One of mine went down, the screen froze, then all 3 were dead. Before the freeze, both of the other 2 were still up & viable. Sent in a ticket, reported in bugs forum, no response. All 3 were lvl 17, by far my best survivors. I'd be happy with enough XP & gold to level up my B team.
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    Passed this on to @eetu.

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