Report any NEW rollbacks after the March 17th maintenance



  • ongbak85ongbak85 Member Posts: 9
    Ok, i just login and my legendary assault is back yehaa.. But i hope he not going anywhere after this.. Tq
  • TeherrorTeherror Member Posts: 34
    Same thing happened to me .. I had a legendary assault.. When I logged in it was gone.. Then when I logged out and went back it was there .. I was shocked but glad to have my assault guy back..
  • SniffoneSniffone Member Posts: 9
    Had my first rollback yesterday with more than 24 hours. Lost some stars, XP, training, ... Fortunately, i used most of my phones on friday and the most new survivors were not concerned. I lost only a rare hunter 8/14 but got a new hunter 8/14 after using the rolled back phones ;-).
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  • CapletonCapleton Member Posts: 441
    Seriously...are you kidding me?

    Just experienced another rollback to Thursday evening.

    How about an official information? Something like 'stop playing cos we don't know what happens and why'.

    After I had no rollback for 12hrs yesterday (not ironic) I tried to catch up and played a lot. Thanks for stealing half a day of my life.

    I know bugs happen and it needs time to fix but please use your time and not mine.

    Just tell me it makes no sense to play instead of playing dead and being so quiet.

    And I know patience is a virtue...but doesn't work obviously.

    Should mention I had only one rollback before the latest rollback fix and a dozen after that (isn't it ironic?).
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  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    edited March 2016
    @eetu It's doing that thing again where my android is getting one game and my iPhone is getting another. This time it's reversed, the iPhone has the current game, while the android is rolled back to Friday before I did any callouts, etc.

    went into a mission on my iPhone and then reconnected with the android and the android got the correct save file(in mission).

    I might suggest that if anyone experiences a rollback, do NOT do anything in game. Close it immediately and wait 5-10 minutes, then try re-opening the game and hope you get the correct save.
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