Character training question level vs feats

I can't decide which route to take. I'm level 41 with a maxed out training grounds and radio tower.
I can't decide which one of these I should level up.

Epic Warrior level 11/19 with retaliate, 10% luck and Irons skin 15%
Epic Warrior level 11/18 with strong 10% weapon damage, retaliate and ironskin 15%

Is it better to take the extra level (19) with luck (which seems crappy to me) or one less level (18) but with a 10% weapon damage bonus ability?



  • Sipher07Sipher07 Member Posts: 591
    Luck is better because it's an overlay on all other traits I am told
  • SmittYSmittY Member Posts: 372
    If both are 50% retaliate you should go for level 19 survivor investment. Always take the higher level potential in future investment UNLESS you have 75% retaliate. This is a killer of a deal maker for outpost defense ad well as insane horde attacking missions

  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    since its both epic, stick with the higher max level.. level is what matters most in survivors..

  • SmittYSmittY Member Posts: 372
    FYI dodged and Lucky go together as a defensive power up. EXAMPLE: I was trapped in a spot where a fatty tank would slap stun me on every turn beacause I couldnt move and my other two players were in struggle. LUCKY AND DODGE BOTH CAME UP and I broke free!! They do actually show up during gameplay. Remember this game operates on a mathematical formula. The words greater chance or increased chance of critical is different than lethal 15% destructive straight up. Its numbers like magic the gathering but there the chance is in the die roll. Here the traits vary to serve this purpose.

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