Suggestion: Better rewards for doing challenge!!!

hdhieuhdhieu Member Posts: 26
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Hi there,

I don't know if anyone has the same problem like me or it's just me was so unlucky in getting rewards from challenges.
I'm at level 20-21, reached 120 stars this week, spent lots of gases and time doing weekly challenge. However, in return I only got maximum 3 stars weapons/armors with the highest level of 7 which are so useless to me as my survivors are all level 9 as well as my gears. I don't even mention the rewards for 12/30/54/84 stars as they are even worse.

About rewards in Guild, my G reached 1k3 or 1k5 stars reward (I can't remember exactly the numbers), and the rewards were also not good. We are about to reach 1,920 stars, hopefully it will give me something useful.

Thus, I think NG should give us a better reward to encourage members to do weekly challenge.


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