Devs end player swapping asap

This has been going on since day one and many have voiced there dislike for this in the game. Even though its not against the rules many see it as a non legit gaming practice. This would be a simple fix. No need to lock guilds as some have suggested.



Any player leaving a guild takes there stars with them. This one action stops the whole process dead in its tracks. No matter what you do the stars made in challenge are locked to that survivor and where they go. New members can still join but there is no benefit to swap players because the guild looses any stars from departed players during the challenge.


A set of two simple rules that eliminate it as well

Rule one

Anyone that leaves a guild after challenge has started can no longer participate until next challenge.

Rule two

Anyone that joins a guild after the challenge has started will not be able to participate in that weeks challenge.

Please give this some very serious consideration. The whole guild ranking system is based around the star counts players achieve each week. I as well as many others feel this needs to be as legit of a process as possible to truly reflect who the best guilds really are and where they truly rank without this non cheating way of boosting star counts.


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    NG has locked player challenges to prevent player cycling in challenges by following Option 2! Closing thread.

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