Can't Connect Even Though There Is Nothing Wrong With My Internet Connection

This has happened to me 3 times todays and also made yet another person leave my guild (and the game) recently. Is this the new way of handling bugs? Shadow banning accounts on the game server that belong to players that experience game bugs and say somethjng about it? My internet connection indicator is located between my alarm and battery indicators and clearly shows there is nothing wrong with my Internet. So therefore there must be something wrong with me wanting to play this game and at this point I cant help but to take this personally and wonder who at Next Games has a problem with me personally. Can we talk about this in the open people or do you want to hide behind your keyboard and use your code to continue attacking me?


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    They went into maintenance several times today. I saw that every time I tried to connect during maintenance.

    Also, remember that there is a 2 minute time out now. If you are idle/ take no action for 2 minutes, the game will kick you out with a reload screen so that a new save state can be produced. It is one measure to help decrease the occurance of rollbacks.
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    This keeps happening to me and has happened well after the "maintenance" period. 20 freaking minutes ago is well outside of that period so please butt out unless you know how to code and can resolve this issue and/or are experiencing the same. Thanks.

    And connection timeout and not being able to reconnect afterwards are two different things so again let the employees at Next Games speak for themseves. They are big enough boys and girls to take our money for their product then they can answer for themselves without anyone playing over protective mommy/daddy for them. Okay?
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    You said it happened three times today but did not specify. How are we supposed to know the last time was 20 minutes ago?

    Are you connecting via data or wifi?

    If wifi, what type of signal is the wifi carrier?

    The signal on your device tells you how well you are connecting to the Wifi router. It does not tell you how well that router is connecting to the web.

    There are literally 100 things that could cause this before the connection reaches the NG server.

    I am not a great coder, but I do know hardware.
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    I know hardware too and know if there is something wrong with my WiFi signal then I should not be able to post on this forum immediately after just like my former guild member should not have been able to tell me what was happening to him on line app at the same time he was getting that error from the game. It doesn't matter because I'm leaving the game soon because this is not fun anymore.
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    They can keep me shadow banned cause I'm out of here and people that wanted to say good bye and leave me well wishes can just save it for the next person I suppose.
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    Nobody has anything personal against you, you haven't been banned on the forum or in the game. If anything, you've been a good addition to the player community!
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    Posting on the forum doesn't require a constant connection with no interruption. The games does need it though so just because you can get on the net doesn't mean the game should work. While your wifi may be working well you're overall signal may not. For 2 years my cable company gave me such splendid service that even though I was showing a fast connection I was getting lots of packet loss. The system would resend data and get received so it seemed like a constant connection but it really wasn't. The result was that streaming videos were still a little choppy and I would get booted from this one stupid online game I was playing too much. Finally after threatening to switch to satellite they sent out a competent tech. I know you don't seem to have had this problem in the past but it might not be on NGs end at all this time.
  • @DarkFae have you cleared your cache? Just asking is all. Sometimes if it (for me) tried loading an old game it won't load properly at all. If I task manager and end everything it works great.
    Also one other time I had to unistall reinstall. Of course I used a back up device first just in case and checked my Google play store to make sure I was good, but I did have to do it.
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    I have the same issues and I tried playing on two different devices. The 2nd device did not have the game on it before installing. I tried uninstalling on the original device and reinstalling to no avail. The game begins to load normally then stops half way and says that my game is not available at the moment. I'm hoping that it's just a bug issue because I've done nothing to warrant a ban.
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    No I haven't tried that but the issue seems to have resolved itself.


    I apologize for being so rude to you, for yelling and for saying all those awful things as well. There has just been so very many things going wrong with the game lately. I care deeply about both the game and the vibrant community that has developed and grown around it. This latest glitch combined with the (at first 2-minute time outs but now) 4-minute time outs, did very much make it appear as if I was being rousted out of here and I over-reacted. You and many others are working very hard behind the scenes to get the game running smoothly again and did not need to deal with a full grown adult woman having a temper tantrum along with everything else and for that again I'm sorry.
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    @DarkFae Don't worry about it! It does indeed show that you care :)
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