Outpost Raid Reload issues

NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
Every time the game decides to reload me back to my camp in the middle of an Outpost Raid, not only do I lose the 10 crates it cost to attack, it shows me losing the raid on my log and takes 25 influence points away. Is this happen to anyone else? Thanks


  • AlibabaAlibaba Member Posts: 1,275
    @NCDawgFan Still having this problem? Moved thread to Game issues.

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  • RustyOrcRustyOrc Member Posts: 51
    It happened to me also.
  • KaitlynKaitlyn Member Posts: 164
    Yes, this happens so much I stopped going on raids. It is a know problem that has been posted on the forums multiple times. @Alibaba the game still consistently crashes, so this is still an issue. Unless, we now get loaded back into the raid when relaunching the game. I'm assuming that is not the case as I have not read anything posted here about a fix, nor has anyone responded to my in game support ticket.
  • IRONDeeIRONDee Member Posts: 469
    I've asked several times without an answer. When I reload game or crash on a mission, I usually end up back in the mission. When I reload or crash on a raid, I'm back at camp having lost the raid. Bug or feature?
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  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    I have three level 17 survivors banished to my Outpost Island and I have stopped raiding altogether due to the bugs. I guess most players joined me since no one has raided me in over a week.
  • somethingelsesomethingelse Member Posts: 2
    Getting really tired of losing my gas as well as my 10 crates when I get dropped out in the middle or start of a outpost raid. Has anybody else ever been raided 3 times within 19 minutes for 260 crates and 25 points?
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