Game freezes then boots me out

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Every time I play I can play for about 5 mins then it freezes and kicks me back out. Then I have to reload. It takes me back to the same spot but gets old. I'm playing on an iPad. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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    @thebluebox will be here to help in a moment. That guy is very helpful.
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    @ccookie430 Moving this to Game issues.
    What version of the ipad do you play on? If you have an ipad 2 the game is pretty buggy on it and is known to crash.
    We can try some things to resolve this. Do you have any programs running in the background while you are playing the game?

    @jester no antagonizing please.

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    You rang?

    Oh, I had that problem on a deadly mission. It wasn't fun. I sent a support ticket.

    In the end, it sorted itself. I just had to restart my device and walk away for about an hour. Mine is an Android. I don't know a thing about iOS devices.
  • ccookie430ccookie430 Member Posts: 2
    Not sure what model but may be an iPad 2. Can't seem to find out what it is. I always close everything before I play and even did a hard reset. iPad is up to date and have plenty of storage. It's not a once in a while deal it's every time I play.
  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    do you have an SD card? try unmounting it? I vaguely remember reading someone else had a freezing problem and that was offered as a fix.

    I know I saw a thread about iPad minis.....give me a few to dig around
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    This thread talks about problems with iPads. Might find something helpful there.

    It sucks when things aren't working right. My old device wasn't compatible with the game. I had to play with an emulator on my PC for 2 months until I could afford and upgrade to a compatible one. On my old device, it would run fine for about 15 minutes, and then the graphics would go seriously haywire, like watching a TV in the 1950s during a thunderstorm.
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    jester said:

    @thebluebox will be here to help in a moment. That guy is very helpful.

    You're not wrong.
    So, is this dude a mod? Developer? NG owner or director?
    We'd love to know.
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    @Neil_J .. She is a smart lil cookie, that's for sure!!! :grimace:
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    There Are However.. Plenty of Stupid Answers!!

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    @thebluebox uses sonic screwdriver to solve in game ussues. You clever survivor!
    ( does this qualify me for an answer badge?
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    @Neil_J None of the above. I am just active on the forums while waiting for gas to refill. I read A LOT of threads and can remember the vast majority of information acquired. Yes, I am one of those annoying people that could read the textbook in school and pass the tests without studying much. Once I got to high school and college, I could take excellent lecture notes and only reference the textbooks for clarification.
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    Also, a chic. Whovian know the TARDIS is female. ;)

    @creativeusername Works from me, but I actually haven't figured out how to give answer badges yet. I think the thread creator is the only one that can do that.
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    OK, thanks for that.
    I've watched Dr Who since William Hartnell, which made me about 5 when I started but I sure don't remember the sex of the TARDIS tbh.
    A 'Whovian'? I guess that means a fanatic?
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