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i think once the missions on each stage have been done on nightmare mode they should remain unlocked on nightmare mode so we can keep re doing them and collecting food and xp from them as well as weapons. i have almost completed all the stages on nightmare mode and the side missions that come with each stage what campaign levels do i play then to gain food xp weapons etc

if new stages cannot be unlocked fast enough and rolled out into the game at least i can start over from stage 1 and work my way thru again collecting food and xp as i go . im sure im not only player who almost has no campaign left to play
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    This is a good idea. I've been thinking myself lately that with new episodes coming so infrequently, I'm going to get bored and won't have any good/interesting way to earn XP. This leads me to feel as though I have plateaued and cannot progress at a reasonable pace. That in turn has me considering giving this up and moving onto other games where there is more for me to do. I too, would love to play nightmare mode again, or perhaps even an "Insane" mode or whatever you would call the next level. That shouldn't be difficult to implement.
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    Would be nice to redo past missions!

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