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So I thought I had a great weekend. Saved a bunch of radios and was able to land some great survivors during the event. I also spent a ton of time gathering experience and using it to upgrade my new survivors and a few new weapons. I also used a ton of supplies to upgrade some building and a bunch of TG to update and add new Walkers to my outpost. So by the end of the weekend I was excited and couldn't wait to upgrade my training grounds so I could bring my new survivors to the next level.
Unfortunately, I logged on Sunday night and realized all of this was gone. My amazing new survivors, all my upgrades, new weapons... everything. Gone. As if my amazing weekend spent on this game was just a dream. I sent a message up but did not get a reply so far. I don't expect they will do anything about it anyways.
So as you can imagine, I'm pretty upset over all of this. I feel more angered that I have spent a lot of money buying gold coins on this game. I am not a patient man and don't like to wait for healing and upgrades to finish, so I use coins frequently to speed up the process. And then this happens and I feel as if I have been robbed.
I don't mind the many bugs that have hindered some of the Gameplay recently as these things often happen with such a large update. But now my account is being messed with... an account I have spent lots of time and money to get to a very strong position. If I hadn't already spent so much time and money on this game I would delete it without a second thought. But that is not the case and I am not willing to throw all that away.
I'm writing this to see if this has happened to anybody else and to see if they fixed the problem or at least offered some sort of compensation for everything. I would be most pleased if they could give me everything back that I earned or payed for. But I would at least be satisfied to receive some more gold coins to replace my wasted ones and a pile of radios to give me a chance to get some of those amazing Survivors back. Although I'm guessing none of that is going to happen.
It appears that being a loyal, paying customer doesn't matter. As long people keep downloading and handing over money, they're happy... regardless who gets screwed over along the way.
Maybe I'm wrong about them and they are actively working on how to fix this problem, but I won't hold my breath. I will definitely let you guys know if anything comes of this.


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    @ShawnSmith, looks like you suffered a roll back. Please see this. If you haven't done so please submit an in game support request.

    Moving to game issue.
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    @ShawnSmith pinging you because I think you're my guildie, so wanted to make sure you saw zbot's post :3
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    I did read that. I also just got a reply back...
    They are currently putting in a lot of effort to fix the rollback issue. Also, they will definitely be compensating me in the near future for time and progress lost, as well as loss of survivors and equipment.
    So I am satisfied for now. I'm not so worried about the progress lost, as I play frequently, so it won't take lon to get back to where I was. Hopefully the compensation will give me back some of the survivors and equipment though. I'll keep you posted.
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    I lost progression, 3 survivors, and associated supplies, resources, etc because of a rollback issue Monday morning

    Then last night I lost my top 3 survivors doing a deadly mission and during it the system decided to do a reload/refresh and when it finished, my 3 survivors were all dead!!!!

    I have submitted in game tickets (chat comments) on both issues and.... Still no response as of this morning

    I am seriously upset about this
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    I would be furious too. I woke up this morning saying they fixed the rollback and have compensated me for my losses. I was upset to find out that my compensation was 9nly 1500 gold.
    I don't see how that amount of gold compensates for lost survivors or equipment. It would be enough to buy 30 radios which would only give me 2 attempts to get back a good survivor... and we all know I would most likely end up getting a scout and a bruiser or something lol. I would have been happier with a pile of radios so that I would have had a decent chance at getting back at least one good survivor. The weekend event is long over, so that also reduces the chances of getting back the great survivors I attained. (Of my losses, one was epic hunter that has taken me forever to get. I've always been stuck with rares)
    Also, I always just buy gold when I need it. It's very easy to get. So all they really did was save me a few bucks, which was the least of my worries.
    So all in all, I'm happy they fixed the rollback issue so nobody else should have to deal with that. But I am not pleased with the compensation. Radios and some Trading Goods would have been much better compensation, as it would have given me the opportunity to try and get back survivors and equipment.
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    So, just for fun, I spent 30 radios for 2 15 radio survivor searches. I got one epic bruiser and one rare shooter... both were rejected. So my compensation turned out to be nothing. Actually, I got just under 3000 experience for rejecting the survivors. Not much compensation for everything I lost. Thanks for nothing NG.
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    i got 500 gold...... can you f%%%ing believe that!!!!!!

    seriously... I lost 5 or 6 survivors, I get rolled back from lvl 29 to lvl 28, i lose all the resources it took to get those survivors and to get to that level..... and I get 300 gold??????

    at least Apple gave me a refund....

    oh, and I got 15 radios.... woopie....

    and now I see this:

    so they are just giving everyone this 'gift'....... WTF!!!!
  • GlookerjdcGlookerjdc Member Posts: 130
    Still waiting....
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