Dropped when raiding

KandcinbcKandcinbc Member Posts: 1
Here is my issue. I search for a raid, then press attack, then my three dudes are ready, then I am dropped like a hot potatoe.... Restart game, lost battle then get raided..frustrating.... Any ideas?


  • DragonClawDragonClaw Member Posts: 72
    Have you tried clearing up ram on your device? End all background apps before you log in, so.etimes having those apps running will slow down your device and cause the game to crash. Hope this helps :)
  • KaitlynKaitlyn Member Posts: 164
    This happens on every raid I've ever gone on except one. I've done everything suggested in their "help" section regarding game crashing. Posted in the forums requesting help. Sent in support tickets. Nothing. I've had to stop raiding due to this issue.

    If your game crashes regularly, and you've tried all of the suggestions (closing all running apps, clearing out unused apps to free up space, restarting the game, power cycling your device, making sure you are running the most recent operating system, etc), you may be stuck like me and the countless others who have this problem. It seems to be worse on iPad 2 and iPad Mini 2, so if that's what you are playing on, I'm sorry for your pain. However, people have this problem regardless of hardware. NG does not seem very interested in resolving this issue. I'm unimpressed with their support. Which makes me sad as I really like playing this game.
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    @Kandcinbc moving thread to game issues.

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