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Hi I play walking dead no man's land on my cell. I started on my wifes cellphone and then linked it too my own. She now wants too play with me and my name is still Azon807 which is her Google play game name I'm worried if I make her a new game on her cell to play with me that I'll lose my account. Pretty much my question is can I somehow make a password for my account so I don't lose my progress?


  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,662
    @Azon807, Google Play supports only one save game per account and trying to use multiple games with one account may result in the loss of your game(s).

    Please see here.

    You and your wife would need separate google play accounts for separate save games.
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    Are you saying your ingame name is the same as your wife Google play account name @Azon807 ??? So you are playing under her Google Play name or your own Google Play name?
    As long as you two have different Google Play accounts.. You're all good
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