where is the announcement for update 1.8?

We already saw the new "cover system" announcement and the "outpost cycles" announcement. But where is the complete list of changes and new features for update 1.8? It's already Tuesday and the update will go live tomorrow. We need to see now what to expect from the update. Based from past updates, we don't like surprises and you already told us that you will be transparent on these things.



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    Working on it right now.
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    Whose we? I don't remember holding elections for spokesman and while it would be nice to see the features in the new update for me it's not such a pressing issue to me to sweat the mods about. There's much more pressing things to me that need attention like compensation for the rollbacks. So please don't include me in that group of we. I thought the mods got got tagged in a couple of other threads asking about the full update.

    Next on someone else's lists of demands will be the exact timing of when the maintenance will be and for how long. Otherwise they'll be 10 threads about people saying how they got screwed over by maintenance. I find it very unusual that all these people just happen to buy gas right before the break only to start demanding a mega compensation for refilling before the update."If there's no screenshot then it didn't happen" is all that comes to mind! I'm sure it happens but to all these people well darn it shucks.
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    @Shut_Up sorry if i ever mention your name in the "we" im refering to.. although i cant remember mentioning you.. anyway, if i did mention you, im very very sorry.. it might be just an accident. It wont happen again..
    @TK-421 thanks for the reply. "I" really appreciate it, keeping the mod's promise to tell us what changes NG will do in future updates.

  • @AysatyoPet your too politically correct, I would have just told him to........act like his name and shut the f*** up
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    I've seen other posts by other members stating to one degree or another how they don't like the use of the word we as a group collective I'm not the only one so no need to hate as I did ask politely with please even.

    Back on subject though they are now delaying the cycle portion of the update. Now I can hardly wait to see the list of features like building points now fly up to the players account! Haha

    +1 to NG for finding a problem requiring a delay and that's not sarcasm.
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    Im not in the mood to be in toxic mode, so no need to throw bad words or calling names..
    Anyway, i just want to know ahead of time if there will be some more nerfing that will happen in next update.. or anything that could result in players raging on the forum.. knowing these things ahead of time could still result in players raging but atleast mods and staffs will have more time explaining before update release.. And thus, will easen up the rage when the update finally released.. im not saying there will be, im just saying there could be.. so its best to know ahead of time..

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    personally "i" totally agree with astro's request, as transparance and patch notes of upcoming changes were promised after the brusier issue so people dont get completely caught out.
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    I just read the announcement posted and looks good to me although I never really complain about stuff anyways...not in my nature :)

    I didn't see anything about a council update unless I'm blind?? Just thought I'd double-check so I can let my guild mates know...most of them aren't very good with the forum lol
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