Closed my $$$ thread???

So a non toxic thread that people have been replying to for months gets closed? Why?
And why is a new feature of the game the ability to look at the backside of my survivors that look like road kill?
Why didn't the update come with better gas time, or auto center corrections?


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    You opened it as a question thread and marked several comments with "Answer" and thus blaming the mods for closing is nonsense.
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    It was for the entire community, it wasn't a question where there was one right answer
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    @bgbelden Yes, the thread that was closed was initially not toxic... but it was quickly devolving and was closed before it got any worse. Furthermore, that thread was from November and was well past it's point of being closed. Many of the comments necroed that thread after it had been dormant for months when it should have been closed.
    The new feature is an addition to the game that will add more of a tactical game play. While you may not like it, others will. It is also natural to add more features to a game as the game evolves. A game rarely looks the same after several months of updates... look at any mobile game for examples.
    Finally, not every update will address every issue. What the developers change is up to their discretion and they do take into account player feedback.

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  • @Alibaba I'll have to look at it again but I don't recall any toxicity. Maybe one post from someone that I recall.
    And I don't believe anyone mentioned game changes or anything other than lighthearted comments abouts spending their kids college tuition.
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