This Weekends Events on Scrapping And Gas Is Perfect

PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783
Is a really nice combination and should be considered as something more than just a weekend event. It seems to be more in balance with the game, more so at a higher level. While I have had purchased bundles and some gold, the cost became so prohibitive that gameplay was degraded. The gas of every 5 minutes is not so extreme that it gives the game away to players, but has made it more engaging to me again. And the scrapping of gear also seems more in line.

Some events, like the one minute gas (which is very cool and makes all of us lose sleep :) ) or the Herd do seem more special and seems like a special event which does take things outside the game in term of progress and just going for it. But this weekend should be looked at as more long term.


  • PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783
    Hmmmm, tried to edit and keep on getting the other forum popping up :)
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    Agreed, enjoyed the challenge.
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    @perditin: after the other forum/site popped up, edit the adress line and replace /nextgame/ with /walkingdead/ than the edit page loads
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    It was perfect to make the game playable...I miss it..I hate waiting to play.But on a good note they are finally fixing some of the balance. .specifically the camp I am most excited about.but really would love the gas dropped to give the game more play time than wait time...
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