Anyone else having problems with Overwatch

I have had a couple of issues with Overwatch since the outposts went live. I think I read somewhere that an Overwatch character will attack first thing that comes into line of site. During outposts it seems that the survivors go out of their way to shoot walkers instead of raider. They will turn around and wait on the walker when there is a raider right in front of them. Has anyone else had this problem? That's another thing turning the survivors around. Sometimes they will hit their targets in overwatch even when they start off with their back to walkers other times they just sit there. Sometimes I can spin my survivor around to face the walkers and be ready for enemies so this doesn't happen other times they won't spin to face the walkers in anticipation of the overwatch. Finally it seems that if the walker is really close like 2 movement square from a survivor the overwatch doesn't engage. I understand that maybe a walker one movement square away from a survivor would naturally be hard to stop in real life but a couple of squares should give the survivors time to react.

Anyone else having similar issues? Going out of their way to shoot walkers when they are lined up and set in a position to await a raider only to go after walkers is really annoying to me.


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    From my observation, survivors in overwatch state will attack the first enemy to move within his range of attack. Wether its a walker or a raider or a defender, wether its the closest one or the farthest one, as long as its the first one to move within the overwatched survivors attack range, it will hit that enemy.

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    Technically here's the definition of overwatch

    Survivors that have at least half their Action Points left at the end of your turn, will go in to Overwatch mode. This means that the first enemy entering your survivors' line of sight and zone of control (depending on the weapon your survivor uses) will be subject to an attack from that survivor.

    However I was looking for some deeper analysis. Here's an example of how these parameters seem less than effective. if you attack raiders and you don't use all your action points and try to overwatch it's possible that the survivor will go after a walker that can't even reach the survivor in that turn. The defenders get their turn and the overwatch was used on a threat that is less dire than the raider waiting on his turn right in front of you. I get that the walker's actions caused it to fall under those parameters but when the walker can't reach you and it goes for that threat instead of the more immediate threat it lacks a real world common sense. It also doesn't mirror the show as many times 2 humans are locked in combat and a walker comes up on them. It
    Whenever this happens don't you see the two humans normally go after each other And they kill the walker at the last possible second? To me survivors should be taking out things closest to it as the most pressing threat.

    Now others might not feel this way but I would like to see some more parameters added so that the survivors go after the more pressing threat more "accurately." I understand part of this may be because the walker turn happens before the defender turn but I'm curious to hear of others have this problem and how they feel about it.
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    Survivors are not programmed to identify which is more threthening. They are just programmed to attacked in overwatch the first enemy "entering" (in other words "moving into") your survivor's line of sight and zone of control. Just learn to adapt for now. If they will change it or not is still a big question. You might be waiting for a change that could or could not happen..

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    I don't know why you keep regurgitating the definition of overwatch and that "entering" means "moving into." Again I'm going for something deeper than the definition of overwatch. How often do you raid @AysatyoPet?
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    @Shut_Up, this is due to order of operation, your survivors move first, then walkers, then raiders/defenders. So if there are walkers within range your survivors on overwatch will react to the walkers first.

    Please see here for previous discussion.
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    I have also seen shooter class attack walkers further away rather then target closer. I can only assume this is due to the further walker technically starting before the closer. As a result the shooter shot the walker far away and killed it even though there was a warrior of out look near it. The walker closest to the shooter proceeded to walk up and attack. While the warrior stood around looking at butterflies.
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    @Shut_Up im not raiding for quite a while now since i see no benefit in doing so. But that doesnt mean i dont know what's it like to raid or how survivors react when there are human and walker enemies.
    By saying "deeper than the definition", you are suggesting to change how overwatch should be like in real situation.
    Im just saying that its not really a bug (because you put this in bug report category). Its just how it was programed to be.

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    @zbot While I put this in the bug sub forum to me it's kind of an glitch han a bug but I did see the thread you posted a link to before I wrote this one. The thread you pointed out was with human enemies but before outpost. I understand the "mechanics" behind the process. I just think they need adjustment for outpost fighting. I wanted to see if other people found it annoying or felt it should get some attention in the upcoming months. I understand why it attacks a walker before the human but it doesn't make sense to shoot a walker two turns away when there's a human with an assault rifle is standing in front of you waiting to unload on you much sooner than the walker gets a chance to bite you.

    It seems like the programming for the survivor's overwatch was created before outposts or not adjusted for outposts. I shouldn't say that because maybe the devs took outposts and overwatch into account at some point but I'm saying that because the direction of this thread is kind of weaving across the road. I am dealing with the limitations and it's not that hard to do but I was curious if the same things are happening to others and if others thought that maybe overwatch could be adjusted in the future.

    I'm also curious if others are having trouble if the survivor isn't facing the right direction and the issues I talked about with that.
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    @Shut_Up Not a bug, moving to General section.

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