The "I got censored!" thread - report false censorship here



  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,399
    Maybe when we behead zombies rainbow skittles can pour out instead of blood?

  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,752
    The word "censorship" is being censored to "censor***p" in guild chat.

  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    Guild member name knobblebobble now ***blebobble.

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  • CrowTRobotCrowTRobot Member Posts: 95
    The word button is censored.
  • BarcodeJBarcodeJ Member Posts: 403
    This censorship business is really making me want to rage quit on principle. #DontCensorMe #LanguageIsNotACrime
  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,399
    Words that don't work


    Words that do work

    That's all I've found so far. The research continues. I'm so glad you've censored us in game , now I can allow my 7 year old to kill zombies , thanks NG! :)

    (I'm more just still pissed about no response from support for my real money lost)
  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,752
  • we cannot write "Hello" to the chat, probably due to it contains "hell". Instead we can write H E L L O.
    Can you please turn off this crappy chat? Then it wouldnt at least annoy us.
    Its ok that you beta testing new features on normal game, but there is a level where you shouldnt go below...
  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,752
    Shooters works. So does assault. And class.
  • TK-421TK-421 Member Posts: 416
    Oh man, that is ridiculous. Yes, we're going to fix this.
  • BarcodeJBarcodeJ Member Posts: 403
    I find it ironic how many non curse words are getting filtered in guild chat yet it will let me say ass no problem.
  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,523
    The whole thing is ridiculous. The game is based on killing and now we're killing humans. But no swearing?
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  • PapaSmurfPapaSmurf Member Posts: 92
    Mods: Is the censor really necessary in a game designed for adults? There are other issues much more pressing, in my opinion.
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  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    Sorry but your complaint doesn't make sense. By that same reasoning every letter in the alphabet would be a problem to the censor because every word is compromised of different letter combinations. Obviously it's only a problem when certain words are FORMED, not in an "unformed" state.
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  • CarloStatenCarloStaten Member Posts: 26
    Shi is marked out, full name is shinlee. You should get rid of the censorship. The idea of this game needing censorship is idiotic.
  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    Yes please review my name & fix it, ***of the dead??? My player name is by far offensive & has been my game name or some variation of the word pimp since I was a kid, for leaderboard purposes etc on many games a guy needs to keep his handle lol, I may have 1 or 2 survivor names that could be taken as offensive & willing to change them if necessary as I have all my survivor types themed, but there's no way I've seen to be able to change my name & hate throwing people under the bus but PimpOfTheDead gets censored & names like mansauce don't??? When messaging the game about other issues to the developers when replying they fixed my issues & rewarded me with full supplies or XP but 1st making a point to compliment me on the name I chose lol, I'm a very dedicated player & have spent a fortune on this game & mean no disrespect to anyone as I'm just here to have fun, but I kinda feel offended myself now that my name has been censored with no way to even attempt to change it? Please look into it & fix it back & maybe if u must use censorship stick to the usual 4 letter words that are only chosen or meant to offend people or there for shock value only with absolutely no creativity behind it thx
  • aliallen09aliallen09 Member Posts: 6
    We got censored for using participate in our guild chat, and then for censorship...this is beyond ridiculous
  • HamphilHamphil Member Posts: 36
    @theRealBender, that is the point I was trying to make. If they try to censor out words, people can just break the words into other made up words that spell out the same thing. I think it is foolish that they are trying to censor at all. And yes, by my same reasoning, letter will have to be censored as well. We can't have someone with 3 survivors with the names A, S, and S
  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    @FizzyPinot u had my name censored? As per your above message? Not sure how this censorship works yet but that's ridiculous
  • DragoniusDragonius Member Posts: 93
    My guild mates name is nanashi, now it's nana***
  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    Arse, biatch, tosser, bitch get censored. Spastic doesn't. Sort the firking filter out!!! Bunch of counts!!!
  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    You need to look at mongoloid and koon aswell!!!
  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    So I can call someone a limey, whitey, honkey, mongoloid, spastic koon?
  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    And they are gay aswell!
  • SchnarchbaerSchnarchbaer Member Posts: 106
    @TK-421 Our guild member "Fuxi" is now censored. New name is "***i"!
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  • SchnarchbaerSchnarchbaer Member Posts: 106
    There's nothing offensive in that name, really. Please correct. :-(
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  • HamphilHamphil Member Posts: 36
    Are they really getting that many complaints about the language in this game that they have to censor words like "Hello"?
  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    edited March 2016
    Bunch of counts going all pc. It's a firking zombie apocalypse!!!
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  • mickjvdcmickjvdc Member Posts: 3
    Cool. I will begin to give my survivors already censored names. Meet *** and ****.
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