Reduced zoomout factor at camp in 1.8 compared to all previous versions.

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Previously I had requested that we could zoom out more so we don't have to scroll around to deal with our camp... This is the opposite of that!!! Reducing the maximum zoomout factor so that the walker pit icons don't clip is NOT a good solution to that issue. :( Not to mention the icons STILL clip anyway.
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  • This is a feature. Not a bug. :/
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    @zoson moving to suggestions.

    I agree zoomed in camp is terrible. The new graphics are nice though!

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  • IllbrainerIllbrainer Member Posts: 464
    It takes longer to kill the walkers at the fence and so we all can listen to the new song longer. To me, thats the reason.
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  • bumshoebumshoe Member Posts: 322
    I agree the moving around is annoying enough in increased zombie events I just don't bother
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  • SpringChickenSpringChicken Member Posts: 145
    I agree. I preferred the zoom out before the update. I would also appreciate an added ability to zoom out more.

    I play on an IPad, perhaps this is different (prefer updated zoom) on a phone?
  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,524
    Fix the zoom, now. The new sound effects on top of the camp music is waaaaay too much. It's like nails on a chalk board played together.
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  • shAdshAd Member Posts: 268
    its awfull on my 7' tablet. please undo this change
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  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    this is still an issue.
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    Living in a shoebox is really frustrating.
  • rgerkmanrgerkman Member Posts: 2,465
    Agree @zoson !!
    I miss the days of zooming out!!
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  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    note to all, we got some of our zoom factor back with 2.6!!! Default zoom level is still the same, but now you can zoom out a little farther than before!
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