Who thinks these updates have overall been downgrades?

GrinchGrinch Member Posts: 166
Simply pick, and list why if you can.

Who thinks these updates have overall been downgrades? 31 votes

Updates have made game better.
45% 14 votes
Updates have only made game worse.
54% 17 votes


  • viperSYviperSY Member Posts: 102
    Made it worse again as my brothers stars are not adding to guild overall and have not changed on clan leaderboards
  • SmittYSmittY Member Posts: 372
    The stirring music as you shoot Biters at the walls is overtly odd and queer but mostly the updates are a better game. I got compensation for my rollbacks albeit with no official word or email just stuff showed up. I also DIG the color fix on the yellow green BMP and icon. But I am a Senior Digital Imaging Technician with a an imaging backgroud so I notice the little effects too.....

  • GrinchGrinch Member Posts: 166
    I guess I wasn't clear...
    All updates overall, not just the pretty new graphics that took 12 hours of maintence.
  • DIblisDIblis Member Posts: 713
    At least give us the option to turn off or reduce background/general animation levels.
    Who cares if the grass and trees sway if i cant move my survivors and everything is low fps. Game doesnt turn over to turn 2 without restarting the game, then has no issues formrest of mission.
    Is it all just issues with android users or do the other platforms esp ios suffer from these updated graphics issues?
    I'm more likely to scroll the screen when trying to move a survivor but then it wont scroll when i need it to.
    Happened to me once before with an update and they tried to blame my device etc but then fixed it with the next update?
    GO BACK TO MAINTENANCE and please fix the game. Do the devs even have low/mid spec android devices to test prior to updating the game? Maybe one or two samsung devices which i've noticed on the forums lots of users have issues with, including myself.
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  • GonkistanGonkistan Member Posts: 166
    All the updates have really done, is stop me from using the game on my preferred device and forced me to play on my (much smaller) phone instead.

    ie, from a usability perspective, they suck.

    these are all "flash and bling" updates, not "gameplay" updates.
  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    Gonkistan said:

    these are all "flash and bling" updates, not "gameplay" updates.

    Oh my, you should play the launch version again :)
  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    I like a lot of the updates, i.e: no more deadly's, reselling us the bundles, easier to see the walkers health meters, have mostly maxed camp so don't notice the build decrease costs but like the farms & tents worth more.
    Don't like the bugs, like can't see XP & supply caps, dislike no more walker caps on challenge( liked farming stars like mad lol), didn't like the censorship on names but mine was fixed :), & outpost I don't play much & haven't played since update so don't really have an opinion there, so all in all so far I think the pros out weigh the cons in my opinion only & seems my connection issues I been having the last few days are fixed so I'm happy about that also
  • DCBMETDCBMET Member Posts: 392
    edited March 2016
    So far so good. The only complaint I have is not being able to zoom out on my camp anymore.

    Oh! And the draconian curse filter. I hate em. I understand the need for them sometimes and all, but sometimes they ruin legitimate words too. Like a commonly used (in this game) term: sc rap ping.
  • rgerkmanrgerkman Member Posts: 2,465
    I'm diggin it!
    Only complaints I have are minor.. The fast forward button is now harder to see when it's on.. Can't zoom out in Camp & my Supply bar doesn't show what my supply cap is (but this is only for some gamers so it will be fixed soon I'm sure)
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  • rgerkmanrgerkman Member Posts: 2,465
    Just realized the "Your Turn" tab is now white/offwhite color.. I think the Green was much nicer!! Switch back to Green!! Green means Go!! :joy:
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  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    We've gone back in time.
    Connection issues are driving me insane!
    Zoom of camp is like an April fools joke.
    Un-Balance of hi-lvl walkers in challenge is back to before 1.6/1.7
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  • tussnuts2016tussnuts2016 Member Posts: 23
    edited March 2016
    They haven't really done anything to improve the game, I'm betting very few people actually play the outpost as NG still has not addressed the elephant in the room problem with it being 10 TG and a very broken matching system. Why add features to it when you can address the main concern of your users?? All of these updates have nothing to do with users concerns they are more window dressing than anything else. If they want to make the game successful they really need to start listening to their users.
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