Where's the logic

Ok new update new packs to buy.
first one: the cheapest one which you need to get to get the better ones but hey it gives a legendary weapon. Well it turns into a lvl14..... im lvl44 and lvl17 survivors.... so ehm are you for real? A bit doubtful to grab next one but at least they are the appropriate lvl.

then theres the veteran ones. Max supplies.... ehm most end game players dont really need that. So where's the max xp instead? Or at least give at lvl40+ the option to convert supplies/food to xp. Like a 10 to 1 ratio but hey id settle for a 100 to 1 even also. After all food is rendered useless end game.

Get back in. Gonna check how much xp was needed for that last upgrade. Ehm wasn't that lower before? Ok check screenshots... yup it was cheaper before.... ok so we complain about xp being to hard to come by. The problem isnt adressed BUT you did take time to increase xp needed to upgrade gear.... you better tripled the xp on scrapping permanently then? Ehm no guess you haven't.

Ok know what ill check how much gold I need for the remaining xp needed... almost 3600 gold.... seriously? So converting that to gas thats 1800 gas. Thats 300 exploration missions for me... so considering xp needed it kinda says gold wise that ill get a stunning 2k xp per mission. Who does the math over there?

Hell (dont censor me please lol. Oh wait ill just write heeeeelllll and it wont censor me) I don't know any more but I had to get this off my chest. Speaking of which my chest will probably take me a month to lvl to max lol

so whats going on? I dont write a lot on here. So I dont read a lot either. But can there at least be a patch soon to make it easier to lvl up my weapons and armor and survivors? Oh and while at it remove rare survivors from 15 calls. What are they doing in there anyway? (I think they are called rares though)

so any mod admin or whomever able to give me a more rewarding peek into the future and why id further support this game by buying stuff? (Ps I think im at 30 survivor slots atm with just 5 useable ones). Hoping to get a response to this soon enough.


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