Higher level, more $ spent.... Yet, worse weapons and survivors won ever... Is it just me?

I'm level 49 player level. My camp is maxed as far as it can go. The weekend to call out for epic and legendary survivors, I got rare people who maxed out lower than who I have now. That weekend I used at least 7 -15 phone call outs and received nothing higher than epic and those were all level 17 max. My people are mostly 17 out of 18/19 now. A person in my home put out calls that weekend and received awesome survivors.... But, he spends way less $$, plays rarely, and his camp is no where near complete and he downloaded the game when I did. I did message the powers that be... It took a few days but first they responded by telling me that more or less it was just luck. I responded and thanked them but said I'd try some more then Probably stop playing. I had spent too much on the game as it is (no one to blame but myself) but at least I had been enjoying the game. After my response, a couple more days went by and they compensated me for my bad luck with maxing out my coins, cans, gas and I had 100 phones. Like TWD lottery. That was excellent and I thanked them. So, since then, I've played saved phones and still have not seen a legendary survivor at all. I'll save phones for next council upgrade. After that, if this continues to rise in costs yet decrease in rewards, sadly I'll have to quit. Sorry to be so lengthy. Has anyone else had similar issues.


  • PorkchopPorkchop Member Posts: 3
    I've never gotten a legendary and I've only maybe spent 10 bucks on this game. If you think this is bad try playing Brave Frontier.
  • Noprogamer16Noprogamer16 Member Posts: 38
    @Porkchop I have legendary players. I've actually retired some as I progressed to levels higher than they were. But now, I'm getting junk. It blew my mind to get an 8 out of 16 scout rare on that special weekend when my boards are all leveled up. I have 4 boards that I can't get through because my level 17 players and level 17/18/19 weapons aren't strong enough. I've not gotten anything legendary In a long time. This is the only game I play. I've never been a gamer. I'm a nurse that's between jobs and both kids have left home, lol, so I get bored. If not, I'd never be so irritated over a game. Dang that empty nest syndrome!
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