Bug with access to bruisers

MartacusMartacus Member Posts: 1
Having issues every time I try to access the bruisers. Screen blinks non stop.


  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,359
    @Martacus, are you still having this issue? If so, please submit an in game support request.
  • ariaswiftwindariaswiftwind Member Posts: 2
    I have the same issue. It completely crashes my Galaxy tab 3 android. At first it was just my own bruisers but then it was raider's bruisers and now outposts. I cant attack anyone who has one bc it crashes...i posted an issue report almost a month ago....it sucks since i cannot even train them wo it crashing. If you open their window they stutter between screens andif they do load their outfits jump to odd colors and fluctuate then it freezes.
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    I don't even have a bruiser so I have not seen this bug but I do see where it could be frustrating. The higher you go, the more useless the bruiser and scouts become. You need survivors that can deliver death to multiple walkers like hunters, shooters and warriors. Keep that in mind as you spend your hard earned XP on upgrades to survivors and their gear. Good luck!
  • ariaswiftwindariaswiftwind Member Posts: 2
    They might be useless later in the game, but now raider brusiers and out post opponents cause the game to crash. i cant play the next level of my game it freezes and crashes bc there are bruiser npcs in the level...
  • HubadonicalHubadonical Member Posts: 5
    Has been on in previous patch too. I bought cheap dale outfit for bugging bruiser outfit and now I can play at least. Just click many times on the window and you can get to other screen if you want. It seems to be related to the outfits of the survivors. I had problems with bruiser too. And now also in walker pit when leveling normal walkers. Good luck. Galaxy tab 3 has lots of bugs in the code it seems. Also lagging out when moving buildings and selecting missions.
  • DIblisDIblis Member Posts: 728
    Im down to only being able to play expolartory missions as the bug where it repeatedly blinks occurs episode 9 mission 5 hard mode, outpoast raids and on the second play through of the challenge mission to two of the missions. Took 1hr 40 min of trying to escape mission yesterday. Prior to last update it only occured on raid missions as far as i was aware.
    Even on exploratory missions so far today 100% have required game restart to get game to move forward at a end of turn. Game play is slow and extemely frustrating and has also occured since last update.

    Have provided ample video evidence previuosly and had in game help requests going un answered.
    As of a couple of weeks ago, Ng dont have a device they can replicate the issue in order to then fix and i've receiced no indication they plan to aquire one in order to be able to do so. Can anybody afford to lend them one?

    At the stage that if i dont recieve some sort of non automated response shortly i will be going to google play to have purchases refunded that were made just prior to last update. The samsung galaxy 3 is still being sold andfrom reading the forums it appears is not the only samsung model to have issues with this game with varying android os installed.

    The one thing i have noticed is that the pretty background grass and tree animations work a treat, and it would appear to do so at the cost of every other thing required for good control and gaming experience.

    So far every get around i use has had to be discovered through trial and error, not one meaningful peice of support from in game player support.

    List of issues....
    1. Survivor photos display other survivors photo/static/partially or not at all and can vary in mission over time.
    2. Walker pit doesnt display normal walker page correctly and function is extremely limited.
    3. New survivors of any type often require costume to function in game and stop survivor menu/stat page flick/loop.
    4. Some correctly working survivors have same issue if given costume.
    5. Raid missions, episode replay missions and challenge mission bug when certain survivors become visible.
    6. Finally yesterday challenge mission apeared to spontaneously bug when walker reinforcement occured (could have been an unseen survivor, dont know).
    7. Survivor control retarded and laggy, often requiring several attempts to initiate and not scroll the screen.
    8. Etremely difficult to intentially scroll and when occurs often goes too far, extremely hard to get any fine control.
    9. Missions refuse to continue at end of turn requiring game restart and can occur at any point and sometimes several time in a single mission.
    10. Absolutely no response from in game player support.

    Some of these issues have occured constanly for the last 6-8 weeks, others have occured when game was updated and fixed the next, only to occur again with another update.

    Ign: DIblis
    Lvl 38
    Samsung galaxy tab 3 gt-p5210
    Android 4.4.2

    Yes i have in supoort request. Started over 27 days ago with nothing but automated responses.
    Oh, and when i do get a respinse it would be nice if you used my name, "survivor" shouldnt be a description given to those undergoing the torment ofmthe process.
    Yes in game player support is snowed under., so stop adding more issues until backlog sorted.

    How long should my guild wait for me to contribute? down from 140+ stars per challenge to next to none

    Kind regards all
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