revisit the survivor recruitment algorithm?

Over the last 3 weeks I have been desperately trying to gain at least one new hunter that I could start to upgrade beyond the ones I have that are getting to be rather "tired". Read that as unable to upgrade further than I am getting to need. I have burned through more than 100 radios including on the epic / legendary bonus weekend event and not gotten a single hunter. After using four 15 radio attempts I dropped to the 5 radio searches. All I got were scouts and or bruisers, not really useful when my survivors are up to level 11 and 12 and I don't use them at all. I finally dropped to single radio searches and got one lone hunter at the last radio. it would only upgrade to level 10., Again not usable. Can you look at the algorithm and set recruitment level to the current level of survivor that we have on hand. Scrapping them after burning the radios is more than a little frustrating given the scarcity of radios in the game. Given the rate of hunters and even shooters I ma getting I darn sure won't spend any real money to buy radios just to throw scouts away.
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    Maybe implement that would enable you too use say 20/even25 radios would enable you to choose the class you need hell even 30 radios I understand not pulling leg survivors at will but not the class i know I would be more willing to buy gold to use for radios. 1999 gets u three calls and like you said most are rejects. If i could pick the class i needed i would be way more inclined to spend real monwy as it is it's a very big gamble to spend 20 bucks for NOTTA worse than a casino lol
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    I had to use over 270 radios over the epic/legendary weekend to get my current Hunter level 13/17. I think this is reasonable. Sometimes you have to buckle down and keep at it until the dice roll your way.

    I wouldn't enjoy this game as much if it was easier to just purchase exactly the gear/survivor/traits you want. The randomness adds to the enjoyment of the experience for me.
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    @SpringChicken the vast majority of players disagree with you. The progress of the game shouldn't be stopped because of the inability to get useable players. Nor should you have to spend more than a month and 270 radios and STILL not be able to play. Everything can be purchased with gold. Right @eetu?

    @FearlessFreep I feel your pain, I've been there. I just lost a group of ideal players due to rollbacks. The mods have assured us (going on 2 mos now) that changes are coming to the radio calls. Not much help to you now, but hang in there.
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    Just spent another 20 radios so the total is up to 130+. Got 2 warriors, neither one rare much less legendary and both upgradable to less than I currently have. Definitely won't spend a dime for this kind of return. My guess is the developers provide this area as a release for frustrated players but don't bother reading it much less fixing things. Given the tone of the forums in general I don't see much of a future for the game. No wonder adds for it have gone from the show. Now I don't even see teasers in game for the upcoming episode. Beginning to think the show folks have become less than thrilled with the game as well.
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    Another installment of the continuing saga of lack of response by dev's regarding the survivor selection algorythm. In short, it's still broke. Saved up radios, used 30 in two 15 radio searches. Got a low level common bruiser and a "rare" bruiser. Neither one upgradable beyond what I have at this time, even if they were what I was trying to get. At this rate I will be deleting the game once I finish the current episode since I can't get hunters or even shooters to continue.
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