Deadly in Prison Challenge is wrong scenario and gave no stars

grumblegeekgrumblegeek Member Posts: 45
In the prison challenge that started today (3/31) the deadly mission took me to the Forest Challenge camp scene. It started out with lvl 11 zombies instead of the normal lvl 3.

I finished with no damage but when it ended i received no stars for it. So something is buggy here.


  • grumblegeekgrumblegeek Member Posts: 45
    I just played it a second time and this time it was the correct scenario and gave me stars. shrugs
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,329
    @grumblegeek, did you start the challenge right when it switched over to the new challenge?
  • grumblegeekgrumblegeek Member Posts: 45
    It was about 5 minutes after the new Prison challenge opened up. The Prison was displayed on the map when I selected the mission. I was doing soup runs and realized the challenge had just changed so I figured I would get some stars. Guess not everything had switched over in my game yet.
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