Reconnect and Reload (Unintended?) Issues

smokvasmokva Member Posts: 154
Ok, I know that a temporary fix was put in yesterday and that an inactivity-to-reload protocol was put into place. There was also (I assume) a constant 'reconnect' protocol that happens during actual gameplay. So when it started, it was a little annoying, but considering it was a step toward fixing a bigger issue, completely ok. The reconnect would happen during gameplay, maybe every few minutes or so, but it would simply act almost like a slight pause and the gameplay would resume. The reload would take you out of the game, and would happen during inactivity. Fine.
But today I am experiencing:
1. Highly increased 'reconnect' during active gameplay - about every 10-15 seconds - and extended reconnects (lasting longer than 20 seconds).
2. 'Reconnect' forcing/going into a 'reload' (this is DURING active gameplay, not due to inactivity)
3. Short rollbacks, only a minute or two after reconnect/reload
4. Extended delays/pauses between actions generated and actions displayed (possibly reconnecting without showing that it is reconnecting)
5. Inaccurate actions being recorded. Examples: Swipe to have survivor attack walker -> reconnect protocol starts -> survivor MOVES to center of walker mob rather than attacking; pressing video for extra box selection -> reconnect protocol starts-> on resume, shows that 25 gold was pressed instead of video; while typing ticket, strange characters kept popping up instead of letters and, again, long pauses between the typing and actual displaying of text (often some weird symbols instead of the actual letter). Eventually reconnect forced a reload and my whole painstaking ticket email was erased. Sigh..

As I said, the reconnect/reload protocols were a little annoying at the beginning, but completely acceptable for the interim. However, this temporary fix seems to have devolved and become a problem. Perhaps too much pressure on the servers? I don't know, but between the constant pauses, stalls, and reloads, the game has become practically unplayable.
I've only lost a little gold and resources at this point due to inaccurate actions being recorded, but obviously I am concerned that if I keep playing I will lose much more.
What is more, I've been fortunate in that I have never had rollbacks (at least that I've noticed), but I've had two since this 'fix' has been implemented. They are short, so no real harm done, but they did exist.

As I mentioned, I did send a ticket through in-game support (the original was deleted on another reload, but hopefully the second one went through). However, since my last ticket took over a month to acknowledge (and one issue was not even addressed), I thought it may be beneficial to post the issues I've been having here as well in the hopes that the programmers will receive the feedback in a more timely manner as the support ticket system is obviously overloaded and may not get read for a long while if ever.

Would be nice to know if anyone else is having these difficulties, and before someone suggests it - no, it is not my internet connection :smile:


  • ChipsChips Member Posts: 6
    I have also been suffering with the reconnect issue during gameplay over the last 2 days. It is damned annoying. Thought it might havd been something to do with my new router as it only seemed to happen whilst I was upstairs but whilst being sat almost on top of it I am still getting the issue
  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    Thank you for the detailed post. We are investigating this issue.
  • GlookerjdcGlookerjdc Member Posts: 130
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    Your detailed description is spot on!!

    I lost a lot of stuff Monday morning because of the rollback issue, and then last night I had my top 3 survivors die while doing a deadly mission because the game decided to do a reload/refresh in the middle of battle, and when the game came back, they were dead

    I have submitted in game support comments to both issues and received no response from last nights issue... (The response I received to the rollback issue on. Monday was sort of impersonal did not directly address the issue but rather that they are trying to figure out what compensation to give..... How about give back what I lost due to the rollback Monday, or give me like 1,000,000 gold, gas, supplies, xp, etc, and give me back the SIX survivors I have lost)

    This is just unacceptable and these issues need to be fixed immediately..

    Am I really going to wait a week for a response? I think not.

    I've had no problems with the game until this past Monday, and now it's One problem after another... I can't continue playing the game until I get back what I have lost
  • smokvasmokva Member Posts: 154
    @eetu: Thanks for letting us know that the message is passed on. The issue itself has greatly improved in the last few hours - still there, so I will be avoiding the "deadlies", but good enough to pursue my 100th challenge game before the deadline in the mean time. (How sad is my life? Sigh. ;) )

    @Glookerjdc: I think game support is really backed up, so I would recommend a lot of patience. If you read my post, it took over a month for them to get back to me on my last issues and I didn't even get any acknowledgement so far that they even received this one. However, I do think they will try to provide fair compensation.. It may not be equivalent to your losses (how do you put a price on lost survivors?) but I do think they will try to be fair. Good luck.
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,071
    Looking forward to seeing what "compensation" is delivered from our rollbacks (2 major ones for me). Being a gambler, I kept playing and upgrading my equipment, survivors and camp so anything I get will help me when the restrictions come off the council and I can move my primary 3 person team to level 18.
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    No rollbacks except for a couple of moves with the reconnection issue.
    Talking of which, I'm having to force close the game after a couple of levels all the time now @eetu
    I get the reconnecting notice and the game just freezes. I force close, then have to restart which rolls me back a couple of moves. It's really fecking annoying because when I have a game session I'm now spending more time force-closing and restarting than I am actually playing!
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  • GlookerjdcGlookerjdc Member Posts: 130
    so is this gift package today what they are considering compensation???
  • C_LloydC_Lloyd Member Posts: 209
    @Glookerjdc No, that is just a gift for spring from NG. The compensation will be handed out over the next week and a bit, there are a lot of cases so it takes time. Don't worry, it will come to you soon :)
  • GlookerjdcGlookerjdc Member Posts: 130
    @C_Lloyd thank you for the clarification!! thats a relief......
  • Annette578Annette578 Member Posts: 504
    Mine is crashing more than usual also! Guild member said his is unplayable due to reloading issues also. I have iOS latest update. Just keeps crashing about 5-6 times an hour. I have a strong internet connection also. ?? Help!
  • EironEiron Member Posts: 42
    I have an ingame help request about this issue dated March 6th. Other than an auto response from the same date I have yet to see any reply. While I have lost trade goods from crashes or failure to find opponents during outpost missions, and have had several micro-rollbacks and extend upgrade time glitches, I'm thankful I am not out any purchased items. However, I'm getting insufferably tired of forced reboots and lagging, especially during a challenge mission. : / I like the game, but the words 'unplayable' and 'delete' keep coming to mind more and more often. When can we expect a fix, or even some information about when we could expect a fix?
  • GlookerjdcGlookerjdc Member Posts: 130

    Unfortunately I am starting to think the spring gift was their compensation...

    On the day they did the gift, I received an ingame response from support to one of my two tickets:

    I have received nothing since.......
  • RorshackRorshack Member Posts: 103
    edited March 2016
    I am having connection issues as well, it seems to want to reconnect every 15-30 seconds. This is really annoying considering its on a half gas/triple xp for loot weekend. Also reconnect times are dismal at best.
  • GlookerjdcGlookerjdc Member Posts: 130
    So what did they fix after the mammoth delay today?

    The game is back to,disconnecting, reloading, reconnecting, hanging, etc

    Still no sign of any of the stuff I lost last week, and given the way the game is acting I am fearful of losing more survivors to the walking creep of the game
  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    I think the game , aftet the update, require even stronger internet connection.. that is why we experience more reconnection issues again and again which we dont experience much before the update.. i think this is due to some added features of the update.. like censorship or other stuffs.. im not really sure about it but if the added feature makes the game require stronger connection, better remove those added features as it becomes very anoyying when got reconnected again and again..

  • GlookerjdcGlookerjdc Member Posts: 130
    No, it does not require a stronger internet connection.... My ATT Uverse connection is plenty fast

    IMHO, they are doing these reloads/reconnects for one of two reasons:

    A) they are trying to cover their ass in doing constant backups of user data (which I doubt)

    B) they caught on to some of the hackers going in and manipulating data which costs them money selling bundles. Doing the reloads/reconnects nullifies using various hex editors since the game will time itself out and not allow itself to run in the background (more likely)

    Just my opinion cause at this point AMC should be looking long and hard at the situation here
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,071
    @C_Lloyd how will we know when the compensation for rollbacks is coming? Where will we see the message from NG? Thanks
  • C_LloydC_Lloyd Member Posts: 209
    @NCDawgFan If you submitted a support ticket regarding your rollback then you should receive it soon. They are working through the list. I have had several guild members get theirs in the last 48 hours. I personally didn't have a rollback so I dont know how it comes to you in compensation but I would say it will either pop up when you open your game and/or It will show up in the envelope in-game :)
  • dugvendugven Member Posts: 2
    Same constant reconnection issues here making the game to frustrating to play. The Spring gift isn't the compensation for roll back as I got both. The compensation came as gold which Next decided was a fair amount but wasn't enough to buy back what I lost when rolled back. Also would have expected a little extra for time waisted etc. Emailed support about this but nothing back yet. Really like this game but reconnecting problems need fixed or app will be deleted.
  • GlookerjdcGlookerjdc Member Posts: 130
    Still no compensation or return of lost survivors....
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