April Fools Next Games!

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Edit: Yes, this was an April Fools prank pulled off by the moderators @Alibaba @zbot @C_Lloyd and @Teeceezy to NG staff and Forum players!

@TK-421 @eetu @OldGoth

Thank you to everyone that participated!

Prank Planning:

!!!APRIL FOOL PRANK INCOMING!!! We are going to play a prank on the Developers!! I hope you all can help us on this one!! Its going to be great!

Details: We are going to create an imaginary bug! I want everyone to go to the forums and create a complaint thread in the "Bug Reports" section of the forums! (no support tickets please!!). The bug will be that you had any weapon (preferably scout) disappear and it got replaced by a ragtag! (scout weapon) If you have a ragtag then post a screen shot! The more believable the better!! Make it seem real guys! Be upset about the weapon you lost! (within reason, don't be jerks :p)
We have from now until Lunch time in finland to post our topics on the forums! That is when the jig is up! So that is approximately 8 hours (to be safe) from when I posted this message!! I hope everyone can do their best to take part! Think of it as revenge for anything you're upset about!! IMPORTANT: NO INGAME SUPPORT TICKETS PLEASE!!! FORUM THREADS ONLY!!

Seems like a lot of people are getting a new Ragtag bug where their weapons are getting replaced by a Ragtag of some type. I can't merge the threads at the moment (I will when I get home), but seems significant enough that an overview thread is needed to see if anyone else has gotten this bug.
If you all have not done so already, please submit a ticket in game for the support team to address this issue.

Please post here if you have been affected by this bug so that NG staff can figure out what is going on.
@TK-421 @Teeceezy @eetu @OldGoth

Merged thread:

Names of threads:

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    Fargin' stick mumblers! Stop stealing my money! I've had it with your worthless milk swallowing excuses. Get your shite together you minging' t w a t s. Just because you're Finnish ,doesn't mean we can't find you and your spit and shine brethren.


    I see you reading this!
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    This is out of hand. My scout got his head bashed in when his amazing carols blade got replaced with some crappy rag tag. It isn't the powerful carols blade anymore. It took me over 9000 hours of grinding to upgrade that carols blade. Also it is irreplacable. I was in a small group of players whom happened to obtain a weapon a legend used. I slayed many level 21 fatties with it. You stole my money and my pride. That knife made my e-penor reach new heights. Now I am just a regular mortal and will no longer be able to compete. That carol's blade got me up the leaderboards and without it its like my scout is using a butter knife. The rag tag needs to go in the garbage bag.
    Sorry fo the harsh words but im just a bit annoyed my game success was stolen from me like this.
    Please help me @eetu @C_Lloyd @Alibaba @Teeceezy. Anyone?
  • JennyJenny Member Posts: 346
    :-( my weapon was switched too!!!
  • hottexashottexas Member Posts: 144
    @Beastmode I am sorry for your loss and really hope that it is sorted out soon. But I am dying at e-penor :blush: we need a lmao button
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    I actually came out for the better getting this thing, but a level 18 RagTag replacing a level 16 uncommon is pretty useless when my characters can't equip the darn thing yet.

    It's just getting ridiculous! I mean seriously. This thing seems to be viral and replicating itself all over the game. Eight of my guild members that aren't on the forums are also saying this thing replaced stuff in their arsenal too. I mean seriously. WTF! Has some disgruntled ex player hacked the game and introduced the RagTag virus into the servers? I am seriously wondering about the NG firewalls and security protocols with all the data leaks and strange things going on for the last month.
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    usual behaviour of NG in such cases:

    1. doing nothing
    2. waiting
    3 doing anything different
    4. waiting
    32. waiting
    137. waiting
    297. Apologize
    298. waiting
    299. offer compensation worth while
    300. waiting
    301. compensate anyone other
    302. deploying new features. aeh i mean new bugs
    303. no time to compensate because of urgent bugs
    304. waiting
    513. you get a tiny compensation that only covers a bit what you had lost.OR nothing.

    SCNR... its funny but its killing this great game. wake up NG
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    Looking into this guys. Thanks for flagging it.
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    Mamn, some people need to take some chill pills.
    1. They need people to log the problem (started a few hours)
    2. NG need to be awake to see the problem
    3. NG need to investigate whats happened
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    Omg! K so I don't often use my scouts...but I used TG and got a great weapon ...I don't even remember it's name but it vanished!!!!! I got this ragtag thing and so I like the name but whaaaaaat is going on?

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    Yes, this was an April Fools prank pulled off by the moderators @Alibaba @zbot @C_Lloyd and @Teeceezy!

    @TK-421 @eetu @OldGoth

    Thank you to everyone that participated!

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    Fooled me.
  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    Screw April fools prank, I'd like to know why they offered us the new bundles I buy 2 & when I go to buy the Hunter bundle today they are gone??? Why don't we explain this & start fixing the actual bugs instead of messing around with fake 1s, been waiting for an answer all day & really fed up with this game & that takes a lot from me but invested so much time & money & spending money to plan on speeding up my camp so I can spend more money & then my bundle disappeared??? That's a bit of false advertising & up until today really enjoyed & loved this game & not to mention the stars I lost from playing this challenge between maintenance so let's focus & fix all this 1st before we worry about a childish holiday & start unscrewing the lids off people's salt shakers as it's been really hard to bother playing this last couple days
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    @PimpOfTheDead That is exactly why we sometimes need a good laugh. The prank was pulled off by PLAYERS on NG staff. NG devs had absolutely no idea what was happening or that this was even a prank! Don't worry we closed it before they wasted time digging into it or waste time trying to solve a non-existent bug. That wasn't the plan! It was just to get a good laugh and maybe cause a slight panic for a split sec!? :D The Ragtag will forever be an inside joke in the forum and for NG!

    Regarding the disappearing bundles. We have already reported it to NG and they are definitely looking into it. Be patient and give them time to figure out what is going on before getting overly upset. Most of them just got to the office and will work hard to get us answers! You have to remember that while you are asleep they are working (if you live in the US) and vice versa...

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  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    Thx @Alibaba I actually live in Canada eh lol, I'm usually a very understanding & patient person but it's been bug after bug after bug with my profile the last few days ,that have been really frustrating me & crippling my game play & been kinda losing it as I've been a real dedicated player daily & spent a small fortune already on this game & been buying gold & radio packs like crazy not only to help improve my profile but to help my guild, along with a lot of sleepless nights farming XP trying to max all this lvl 20 gear before there's a new update & it becomes worthless as costs are insane, not only did the game steal some of my stars when playing prison challenge during maintenance to find out they don't count but are now on today's challenge, making that a waste, when they re realeased all the survivor bundles for the update I bought 2 of them last night, then decided to save the Hunter bundle for today or tomorrow & thinking it would still be available I spent about 1000 gold or more on farming exploration missions to finish my supply storage 1 more to max & farming XP till 5:30am & when I logged off it was still there & logging back in 6hrs later at 11:30am the bundle disappeared when the rest of my guilds were still available & buying away, & u know how frustrating it gets when u start implementing a plan on any game then wake up to find out it was all for nothing then back at square 1, not to mention the previous bugs I had recently with connection issues, my caps not showing, my name being censored etc, & now all these radio bundles are showing up & tbh not sure where my money should go now? Or what to upgrade? Or if I should bother continuing to speed farm? Or whatever until I get solid answers regarding these issues, if I knew what was going on I could plan my game accordingly & maybe purchase both the survivor & radio bundles if they fixed it, & don't want to miss out on both if I don't hear something, but right now all I hear is April fools stuff & the radio bundle event was possibly a hoax & now this other hoax about rag tags & it just seemed like not only mine but everyone else that has or had real issues was being ignored & they'd start looking into these fake issues before the real 1s & don't really know what to believe now? & basically just hope someone can post something or give me & others answers before at least myself starts throwing more money into the game on survivor or radio or whatever the bundles may be that appear & disappear for only some, as I been looking for answers all night & don't mean to complain but my games been at a real stand still due to that now thx
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    I guess the joke is on me because I read all the bug reports and this thread before it was edited to let us non next game players in on the joke. I have been patiently waiting for the right time to buy my next bundle. So I checked the bugs forum before going to bed to see what is being reported and there are numerous complaints. So I decided that it was not the right time to spend my money because of more bugs and especially since the weekend event is complete BS. I never come to this forum and complain and I agree that we need some humor in here sometimes but this joke was ill timed in IMO. Hope you guys had a good laugh. The real joke is the weekend event and not the funny kind.
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