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The current individual leaderboard has serious flaws for those of us who are android users/didn't start when the game first came out/didn't pay money to advance quickly. It would be nice if you had a leaderboard that better reflected current activity. This would allow those of that fall in these categories to have a hope of making the leaderboard. One possibility is a 14 day and a 3 month leaderboard. You could keep the lifetime leaderboard if you want, but the 3 month one would be a fair longterm reflection instead.


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    I suggested a leaderboard separated into a) all-time, b) rolling last two challenges, c) current challenge in another post, I think it was 'Wishlist'. This would be cool to have for all late-starters, especially Android. A constantly changing leaderboard on the current challenge would be simply awesome and inspire many players to try just a little bit harder... :smiley:
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    I would like to see more competition about the leaderboard as well. I would suggest to be paired at random with 100 other players that are your level or +/- 1 level.

    At the end of challenge,
    the top 3 get two legendary equipments,
    the top 10 get a legendary and one epic equipment,
    the top 20 get two epic equipments,
    the top 30 get one epic and one rare equipment,
    the top 40 get two rare equipments,
    the top 50 get only one rare eqipment,
    the top 75 get a uncommon equipment
    and the rest of people with more than 0 stars get a common equipment.

    That way, the stars are not only for fame and the leaderboard get usefull.

    P.s. I think daily challenge quest that give stars should not count in this kind of competition.
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    NG is changing this! Closing this thread.

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