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I just want to express how much I love this game and all the work the developers do. It is always improving, They always listen and they provide a really great strategy game that is possible to play for free without invasive ads or overly pushing to pay money for in game gold and the like. I have played this game since it was released and seen all the improvements and how much they actually put into this game. It started as a pretty good game but just keeps getting better and better. I just think the people making this game have it 100% right. Thankyou thankyou THANKYOU! Lots of love <3!


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    I agree. Im a lot newer to the game, but I enjoy it. I can see there will be plenty of improvements/enhancements in the future that I am looking forward to.
  • TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,030
    Well, I love the game too. But it's a very complicated and turbulent relationship. Lot's of crying and frustration but also a lot of joy. Amid this sad mess of screwups, I guess it's worth remembering to say thanks as well: Thanks.
    I'm lost.

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    Enjoy it very much, despite NGs attempts to piss me off at any given moment ( like todays ''awesome'' weekend event :)
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    ...from love is a very short way to hate...
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    Very nicely put @Lady_Killmonger !!

    & remember.. Every great friendship goes through their ups & downs lol
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  • Leon_UKLeon_UK Member Posts: 41
    Loving the 'CEO needs a new Porsche' Radio event
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    I agree that recognizing a job well done is just as important as pointing out missteps.
    I don't think there are many of us that would like to be on the receiving end of this forum. But empathy seems to be a trait that is going the way of the dinosaur or common sense.
    So thank you to the NG staff for bringing out a great game and their hard work at trying to constantly improve it and make it more interesting.
    And a special thanks to the mods who appear to be saints in training . (Seriously, how do you do it? Liquor?)

    Having said that, I'll ruin this whole thing by suggesting the it may not be a bad idea to review and improve on the communication protocols. :smiley:

    @Leon_UK Very bad form. That poor CEO may have wrecked his last Porsche rushing back to the office to handle the compensation issue - you don't know! o:)
  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    "They always listen" LMFHO

    This is indeed a beautiful, great-sounding & fun game. However, I have been increasingly frustrated as of late. My ratio of pleasure to frustration is not ideal for something that's just supposed to be a leisure time activity.
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    "They always listen" LMFHO

    What do you think this whole forum is? There is also a contact them option in the help within the game that they do reply to and pretty much every way you can contact them for help or issues with the game.. This is certainly not the case with all the games out there. Naturually you cannot appease every single person, in this forum alone there are hundreds of different opions and ideas and many opposing ones. If there was something specific frustrating you about the game even just in this forum there are bug reports sections, suggestion sections and a bunch of other sections. But I'm not sure just saying your pleasure to frustration ratio is not ideal is something constructive anyone could fix for you without knowing what specifically is actually frustrating you.

    This is an appreciation thread, if you had a specific issue there are many ways could address that, but this thread would not be one of them.

  • Lady_KillmongerLady_Killmonger Member Posts: 65
    edited April 2016

    Well, I love the game too. But it's a very complicated and turbulent relationship. Lot's of crying and frustration but also a lot of joy. Amid this sad mess of screwups, I guess it's worth remembering to say thanks as well: Thanks.

    Lots of crying about the game?????? LOL first world problems.

    Yeah there are hiccups but they keep working on it. It's not one of those game that you download and then it tries invasively to get money out of you while you try to play the game and then never fixes any bugs or updates. That's just why I made this thread, I understand in always improving there will be glitches, trials and errors but the fact they have an open playform for players like this and the fact they are actually always working on the game is what I appreciate most.... aside from the basic structure of the game has always been pretty good in my opinion.
  • Scared_DeadScared_Dead Member Posts: 91
    Thanks NG for NML. I tried road to survival, and that game sucks. Maybe all the whiners will appreciate you guys after they spend sometime playing that one.
  • Lady_KillmongerLady_Killmonger Member Posts: 65
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    Awww, with all the threads that complain about things I just thought a thread of appreciation would be nice just for the lovers of the game who want to say thanks. But I guess every other thread isn't enough to make complaints in.

    N/m I still love it.
  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    Some feel appreciation threads that are all love for something that we've spent money on, for which we are paying customers, of which they continue to try to sell from, might make management think they are doing just fine and they should just continue without fixing massive problems (which have already been repeatedly posted & well detailed and not resolved for a long time while new, not fully tested content gets rolled out) for said paying customers who want what they've paid for.
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  • theRealBendertheRealBender Member Posts: 1,251
    And since you also have a point, OP, I shall not post in this thread any more unless you instigate further response.
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