Tired of hearing ppl complain about maxed out....

Listen ppl complain all the time how a lot of ppl have their guys maxed out and there gear maxed out n blah blah blah... Lol Sooooo basically if you want your guys maxed out as well then play more.... If u can't then don't complain if u don't want to don't complain but if u play guess what's???? Your guys will get maxed out as well... It's easy to get XP over n over as long as u didn't like start yesterday but u get a decent team and get them maxed out and that gear u can do just as good. You don't need to max them all out or complain how everyone has all their guys maxed out.. I mean it does get funny over time but still no need to complain cuz if u wanna max them out play more... N stop wasting ur time on here complaining about it and use that time as well to play... :) have a nice day :smile:


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    Settle down there Beavis

    Hittenyouoff2Survivor420[Deleted User]
  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226
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    Just a poin being made...
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    :) all good brother

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    I agree , if everyone got what they wanted like faster xp , more supplies, lower gas times, got 50 free radios every day , had 10 legendary players all maxed out with maxed out legendary weapons and maxed out legendary armour , then people would be complaining that the game is to easy and boring
  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226
    Lol I have 11 legendary so maxed out I'm not complaining :smiley:
  • DramaDrama Member Posts: 39
    Soooo.. your complaining about complainers?
  • LightfeetLightfeet Member Posts: 1,062
    @Neil_J Was that a complaint? :#
  • rgerkmanrgerkman Member Posts: 2,465
    dyin over here lol
    There Are No Such Things As Stupid Questions.!!
    There Are However.. Plenty of Stupid Answers!!

  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226
  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226
    I crack myself up....
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    @Lightfeet A complaint about a complaint about people complaining about people complaining?
    Nah. That would take the fun out of it! ;)
    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.” (Bob Marley)
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    Just having fun on here is all... It was mainly for a discussion called profanity check it out lol the first post on it... That's what I was talking about... Just got off subjugate like usual making it fun :smile:
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