Possible Spoilers: Discussion of the game in context with crossover content from the show



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    edited March 2016
    The code is broken. Word from the mods is to use the old one until it gets fixed. It is a bit more complicated.

    Using triangle tags < >, it looks like this. (div class="Spoiler") insert here(/div)

    It's the one that is in the paragraph menu on the tag thing.

    The mods ask that we please go back and edit our posts.

    Going back to the old tag does not support multiple spoiler levels. So anything that is orange or red needs to go in a one level spoiler tag.
  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    NOTICE: The most recent episode will probably have a tie in with the community event starting tomorrow. DO NOT discuss details of the episode (even in spoiler tags) yet. Once the community event begins, I will create a tie in thread for it. Even then, NO SPOILERS involving character outcomes, deaths, or major plot lines. We will only be discussing the event in terms of game cross over content. That means map locations, enemy types, and things like that.
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