Ng still ignoring our disappeared bundles

What's up with this ng??? Like to know why we got offered the bundles again & then poof like false advertising for only certain players they vanished but others are still able to take advantage of these offers??? I've checked many threads for a proper explanation from ng & they don't exist anywhere & sent multiple tickets in with no response, I'm ready & waiting to buy my marksman bundle but ng has decided to not give a sh!t & ignore this issue that obviously has affected many of its loyal players, even if the issue isn't fixed yet at least have the decency to let your players know what's going on & why this happened instead of leaving us in the dark, it's been roughly 3 days now with nothing & have put enough money into this game to help support it & we deserve answers thx


  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    "As I said earlier; we do try to keep things consistent, but the availability and contents of the bundles are always subject to change.
    Always check what you are buying, and whether the deal in question is one you want to make. "

    For me it's simple. When you buy something in the real shop for normal price and next day is offered half price do you complain to store manager? I doubt....
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  • eetueetu Member Posts: 637
    Making more threads about an issue is counter-productive, someone (e.g. a dev) might only see an offshoot like this and miss the thread with the meat. If all the discussion is in one thread it is better for all parties.
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