Question for the ppl who run this blog... If someone gets banned how long?

If someone gets banned how long before u let them get back in? I'm just curious to that as I see all the time ppl get banned on here....


  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    Why not test it yourself, and you can report back how long you were banned for.

    But if someone is banned from this forum, I would imagine that they won't let them back on.
  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226
    @blynknz I'm not dumb enough to get kicked off n u would miss me too much :smiley: lol but u can tell me with ur bright idea.. Lol but no this is a real question for the ppl who monitor it... I was just curious if it's forever or if it's like a week or month or whatnot... I just was curious cuz I always see someone saying they know someone who got banned..
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    I know Wasteland Dan is still banned because he just joined my guild the other day...but I didn't ask him how long it was for...I'll try next time we're chatting
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    You don't come back, once your banned you get added to the forum memorial.

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  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226
    Awesome answer... I was just curious as to that question...
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  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    i think we need a proper table for this. like for each rule, there is a first offense, 2nd offense, 3rd offense.. some rules might get you ban for breaking it on first offense.. while others will just be a warning until you made a 3rd offense.. and it must also indicate how long you will be banned from the forum.. maybe other lighter rules will only ban you for a certain period of time, while some will get you ban forever.. having this will make it more clear for everyone on the forum that there are rules and there are punishment for violating such rules.. Making a rule and not mentioning the punishments just makes the members ignore the rules..

  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,741
    The people who were banned cannot tell you this for two reasons. 1) they are banned and 2) It's a violation of rule #3 to discuss being banned.

    As a member of Cadre I can tell you that one person who was banned was unbanned.
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    @Hittenyouoff2 The length of a person's ban depends on the level of offense: how many rules they have broken and how many times they have broken rules in the past and/or had inappropriate behavior.
    A ban can be as short as several days to as long as a permanent IP ban.
    Most player's are not banned initially, but given several warnings (3+) and failure to adhere to the rules results in increasingly extended suspensions.
    A ban on a user is decided by several of the forum staff in terms of duration and reason for ban.

    In short, when a person is removed from the forum it is because they are contributing in a negative way (evident by reports, other people's replies and atmosphere in threads that the user comments on.) We prefer to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and know that sometimes people have bad days or bad moods and want to vent their frustration and that is okay as long as it is not excessive or overtly breaks forum rules.

    When a person is permanently banned, it means that their presence on the forum was overall toxic and it is better for the community when this person is removed. Many times there is a noticeable change (for the better) when they have been removed.

    Please do not test it out, it would make for some very unhappy moderators. :|

    If a person wants to dispute a ban, they can contact NG through email (given upon request) and discuss it directly with NG forum staff. It would be best for everyone that these matters not be addressed in the open forum.

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  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226
    I wouldn't ever test it out I was just curious was all
  • FizzyPinotFizzyPinot Member Posts: 355
    @Hittenyouoff2 were you curious about a specific person?
    I wouldn't be surprised if a code has been written for this - JOKING!
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  • Hittenyouoff2Hittenyouoff2 Member Posts: 226
    Nah I wasn't I just saw ppl compliance all the time n didn't know if it was forever or not
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    I know I've been walking to on the " path of perdition " for several weeks, so it's just a matter of time for me...

    Sadly... " Double Secret Probation " is not an appropriate punishment in Finland...

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    @mongo911 I actually thought you had already been given your was very quiet in the forums with you not putting your 10cents in and I missed it!
    Glad you are back, I've brought a feather pillow especially for you to ruffle >:)
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    welcome back @bgbelden
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    " FizzyPinot "

    calling my " comments " worth only 10 cents, is a gross exaggeration of the worth of my opinion...

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    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

  • @masmith93 Thank you.
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    Good to have you back @bgbelden
  • @DangerB thanks but I'm still gone.
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    Instead of a forum ban, maybe any offenders should be made to have 3x3min rounds with a pair of lvl 25 fatties!
    If they survive, their ban is nullified. If not.....
    Well, there won't be enough of them left to type anyway!!
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