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We're all hankering for some epic PvP gameplay where we shoot each other down somehow but in the meantime - this could be a nice start.

Essential concept is that guilds are matched up at the start of a new challenge week with the next ranked guild.
It could be Rank 1 v Rank 2, 3 v 4, 5 v 6 and so on...


It could be that each guild is matched up with a random opponent in their tier of Guilds; Ranks 1 - 30, 31 - 60, 61 - 100 and so on.

The two guilds then face off trying to earn the most stars in that challenge. It would require the members to be able to see the other guild's progress.
At the end of the challenge the Guild that earns the most each receive a BONUS two/three reward chests for defeating the other guild. Wins/Losses are recorded on the Guild's stats.

Compared with the other PvP ideas we dream of, this would have to be one of the easier to organise and code - especially with the introduction of a Guild ranking system. Guilds will never tank of try and cheat to adjust their numbers because stars are too valuable.
Thank you all for making this game so fun!
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    Guild vs Guild system should be set up around Star totals from previous 3-4 weeks( I know its 14 days at the moment, but that may be needed to be tweaked for a longer or shorter period of time) and set up between every top 20ish guilds ie 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, etc. That way smaller guilds wont be matched up with larger guilds and be overpowered and will potentially/hopefully stop guilds from waiting out a few hours or day(s) in order to farm smaller or less established guilds. If necessary a larger guild pool can be made if there is not enough action for guilds or if guilds opt out of participating too long.
    Battles can be done in a number of ways - computer ai controlling opponents chars, live pvp matches (connection errors may be a problem), or a set 3 character line up of players choosing where the characters battle one at a time until one players characters are defeated.

    Ai battles would be in a small room much like missions except they'd be fighting opponents chars instead of zombies. Points would be awarded for win, and extra points for level difference, Guild status difference (leader, elder, member), remaining health of characters, and whatever other bonus points deemed necessary later.

    Live pvp - ehhh... Enter at Your Own Risk ;)

    3 set character line up - Players pick their lineup, which they can change anytime in event - but once a match has begun that lineup is set for that match, and he players characters take turns hitting each other til one side is defeated. Bonuses and resistances are calculated for each type of character versus another: 3 shooters for one person versus a bruiser, hunter, and scout team. Whatever the rock, paper, scissor, lizard, Spock system you want to use ie: - the shooters are neutral to hunters but get a bonus to scouts and a penalty versus the bruiser. With the character lineups set the first battle is decided and the winner starts the second battle with the next character and whatever 3rd char gets knocked out first has lost and points awarded for how many opponent characters were knocked out, how many of your characters are left, level difference and so forth. Guild with the most points after an hour wins, battles would cost (hopefully new type of battle energy and not gas for this event)
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    Oh a battlemode like that would be awesome!
    Thank you all for making this game so fun!
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    The PvP battle mode could be set up so there's not huge/a lot of line of sight- could be more random rooms so hunters/shooters would also sometimes have an advantage.

    Could also set up rules allowing only 1-2 of each character type or point penalties for fielding the same team more than 1-3 times during battles with one guild.
    It's all about tweaking for a good experience, and should be done with some player testing first.
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    I like the idea of pvp guild but this is something that need to be well plan first. There is so many game that the pvp suck because it was not plan very well. There is good potential here for pvp but I rather not have one than an idiot one. Do not make a clash of clans ( base upgrade, attack and defense) NO NO NO. I don't think the playing against other player character might work. The game basic is "stay humain, survive". I don't how killing each other for fun is staying human.

    I think the pvp systems should be like Olympics. There is competition for each class, and as team. Competitions could be one day each. People have maybe 5 attempts per day and only the best performance mark points like that people can be more or less active and get the same result.:
    Killing the most walkers in x turns
    Passing through a walker mine field as fast (turns) as possible
    Passing a walker mine field being detected the less you can.
    Survive x waves before going to the exit point.
    Killing boss walker

    I like the idea of 4-10 guilds together. Ranking could be a ladder. We start at 1000 and get points for winning and loose for defeat. The stinger the enemy is, the more points you earn but if you beat a weaker guild, you get less points.
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    What if we could select a map and place walkers in the map and other guilds had to go through the map and complete certain challenges. And you would repeat and the guild with the most stars would win. It would only last like 24 hours and you could move up the ladder like tournament style maybe? Sorry just rambling ideas maybe the devs can come up with something
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