Leveling radio tent

I just went through 17 radios. Everything was ALL level 9 & below. Is it worth it to spend to upgrade the radio tent? Or forget it & save to level something.that is beneficial ? Seemed like a big waste!!


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    Upgrade you radio tent, but save your radios in the hope of another epic/legendary radio pull event
  • I agree upgrade your tent because it will help increase your player level as well as give you the chance of maybe getting some higher starting level survivors.


    That's a good point about the event. I didn't think of that.
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    What I was wondering was before the last maintenance update , we got high level survivors. Before we had the radio tent added. Do we have to upgrade it now to get them.? Some players say upgrading it does'nt make any difference. I'm trying to get to a player 29. ( almost there) but upgrading my workshop, or plot to produce seemed more important . It is taking so long for upgrades, I want to do the ones that are the most beneficial. Any suggestions?
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    Think it's a couple weeks to recoup farm upgrades, up til highest farm available which someone calculated to 178ish days...
    Check the wikia, think they put some BP values on a chart
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    The less you upgrade your tent, the more you will need to train any survivor you harvest from calls made from it before they can be of full value to your team Annette.

    I'm not sure if there is a cap on how high the fully trained values are on survivors and what to do to get a high fully trainable one but every time you upgrade your tent you increase your chances of getting survivors who are already trained up to where most of your team is trained already. I'm assuming that you already have all your survivors trained up to as high as your training ground will allow in order to give a reference point for this statement.

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    Ok ,
    I just now got enough to upgrade the Tent. It will take (like the workshop last night) 14 hrs. That's why I usually play enough during the day, that I do the upgrades at night. I should be at a player 29 ( I hope ) by Sunday. Then I will be able to start leveling up my guys. I have 2 that will go up to 15 ( when that is allowed ) the rest will go to 13. Then the 2 , 11's will be retired as soon as I can get higher survivors. Can't level them until my council & TG is at 12. Upgrades take so much time now. ( unless u buy gold )
    Thanks for the tips !
  • Yes they do lol,

    I finished upgrading my training camp this morning and have been trying to open equipment and upgrade survivors off and on all day today. I'm longing for those good ole 5 seconds and bam your done days myself atm.
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