Maxed camp without spending cash

Just out of curiosity, i would like to hear from people who have maxed or are close to maxing camps without spending cash or maybe very little cash. I am interested in what it was like. How much time u spent. Was it harder or easier than u thought. How much time total. U dont need to be too specific, but if nyone would like to share their experience it would be cool.


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    My last building will be done in three hours. I've spent $53. A lot of time.
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    I'm not technically totally maxed, because I could still upgrade my farms and tents and supply storages a bit. My main utility buildings are all maxed, though, for quite a while now. I've spent no money, but I've spent far too much time. I've tried not to let the game sit with a full tank for very long periods of time since just after it's release. Right now I have a nearly full supply bin. I keep maxing it out and then having to upgrade something just to keep from wasting the tomatoes, even though I've focused now on xp missions. I just have really lost interest here recently. I've had lousy luck overall with my survivor and gear drops, although at this moment I'm not totally starved of them. They are all 17s, except for the few I have deemed not even worthy of use or real upgrade. I've kept those and done small upgrades when my xp storage was full, figuring when I retire them at least I'll get some xp back. It's kind of like xp storage. My gear is not awesome, but I've upgraded a few leg weapons to 17 and 18, working towards 19 and 20, which cost a LOT of xp. And I still can't seem to play the last few story missions successfully. So I've just really lost interest. They made the game unplayable by this level.

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    oh....also.... this is the first time I've played this kind of game. So I didn't know anything about how players "farm" a scene that never increases zombie levels. No one mentioned it until after it was too late and I had finished all the available xp goldmines. So I don't have this option to make a lot of xp like some of these people do. I have to chip away at it slowly, which is a big reason why I've become really bored with the game.
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    I've played since early on and I've spent ~$15 (Rick's bundle 'cause I couldn't resist, and the Fresh survivor bundle since full supplies late in the game are well worth $3.) I've played through all the levels once and have finished many on hard and nightmare. My council, workshop, training grounds, radio tent, and mission car are maxed out. My farms are at level 9, and I have about 4.6 million available storage, so I have a little room for growth there as well. My main survivors are all level 17, with some lower level backups and I'm currently working on getting my main team outfitted with level 20 gear. I farm 7.4 on nightmare at least once a day to help with the cost of upgrades.
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    I've got to level 43 with council, hospital, radio, workshop, training ground all maxed and tom production on lvl 9. Tents not bothered with.
    Been playing around 6 months and spent about £10.
    Because there are so many different things to do, I've not been that bored but when I am, I play something else.
    The long upgrades, I set off at bedtime so they're at least half done by morning.
    I've not played a game like this before, and stupidly finished the good farming levels on all 3 degrees of difficulty......Doh!
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    I upgraded everything but still need 6M food to fill my supply depot and it should be full in a week or so.
    I don't let gas tank overfill during awake hours and most of my food came from food exploration missions.
    I did Challenges (100-200stars) but since 1.8 patch I traded Challenges for Outposts because they are more lucrative.

    I dont play F2P games and I will never do it again, I knew the dangers (adiction) before I downladed it but I love Walking Dead series and I was going to play it only "a week", then untill I finished all episodes (10) and now my idea is to leave the game when prices are too high.
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    Anyone saying they're maxed out without spending money isn't being truthful.
    It's simply not possible *YET* with the amount of time it takes to earn the supplies, etc. Even if they played 24/7 without EVER sleeping, not enough time has passed yet to earn everything necessary to be maxed out.
  • jt41jt41 Member Posts: 116
    zoson said:

    Anyone saying they're maxed out without spending money isn't being truthful.
    It's simply not possible *YET* with the amount of time it takes to earn the supplies, etc. Even if they played 24/7 without EVER sleeping, not enough time has passed yet to earn everything necessary to be maxed out.

    No, I definitely think it's possible to have your game on it's last legs, depending on how your drops have worked out. Knowing where I am at, close to max and never spent money, I am sure there are people who could be and are even further along than me. Because I did what I did despite not knowing anything about farming and also having a death in my immediate family for the Easter weekend event and so I didn't really get to take full advantage of it due to funeral and holiday. So, knowing that I missed these 2 major opportunities, I would hesitate to call anyone out on their honesty. But I would imagine they would have had to have very good luck and also farmed the shit out of those scenes.
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    I have been playing since near the beginning and have spent no money as of yet. I play way more than I'd like to admit.

    I have a decent amount of upgrading to do before being completely maxed out. All my "important buildings are maxed (Council, Training, Workshop, Radio Tent, Mission Car). Currently I'm upgrading the last of my 5 farm plots to level 9, so I still have level 10 upgrades on all farms. Plus, my two XP tents have 3 more upgrades available each, and each of my 4 supply storage buildings have 1 upgrade each. My hospital still has two more available upgrades. Not to mention my Outpost building is only level 3, and my walker pit is Level 5, so I'm not sure what the cost of those upgrades are yet...nor do I care, I'll upgrade those when everything else is taken care of, and I have enough great equipment to justify spending my trade goods on upgrading stuff to protect nothing...

    The cost of those upgrades is at least 25 mil supplies, plus around 17-20 days of building time. Still a ways to go, but I'm happy with what I've been able to do without spending any money yet. Once I upgrade all my Storage Supply buildings, I will probably buy the 2.99 bundle to max out my supplies when they are needed for "important" upgrades.
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    Let check if it is possible or not:

    Building .... Cost in Millions of food
    Council.... 1.86
    Training... 2.35
    Work......... 2.35
    Radio........ 2.35
    Tent.......... 4.24 (2.12 x2)
    Supplies.. 6.12 (2.04 x3)
    Supplies.. 4.25 (new supplies storage at council 16)
    Outpost... 1.3
    Walking... 2

    Total ~27M
    Days since 1.7 patch: 43
    Food at start of 1.7 patch = 3.36M (1.12M * 3 supplies storage)

    Daily food needed to upgrade everyting: 27M / 43days = ~630000

    So you "only" needed 630k every day and I even didn't count that 3.36M at the start of 1.7 patch.

    I got around 600000 at survivors level 16 in pure food farming days. Now at lvl17 with increased farm output and Outposts, it can be more than that. And remember 1min / 5min gas regeneration days!
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    that's a horribly bad calculation. you're only counting the highest level.
    Honestly I play just as much as the other addicted players. It's literally not possible to be maxed out without spending money at this point in time.
  • MizifuuMizifuu Member Posts: 62
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    Umm, I show you proof that it is possible and you call us liars, nice...

    Ofc I start with a maxed pre 1.7 patch because It was possible to be maxed at that time:
    It was needed around 14M food to be maxed from 1.6 to 1.7 and it lasted 21 days, so 660K/day needed or 500k/day if you count 3.3M from full supplies at the start of 1.6patch.

    500k/day pre 1.7 wasn't an impossible amount to get so maybe you aren't so addicted (thats good!) as other players or you don't focus in this task.

    If you still believe it is "impossible" it will be nice you back up you words with data!
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    I'm a day 1 player. I spend many hours per day playing the game. I've spent some cash and am still not maxed, almost, but not. I'm also notably one of the most technical and accomplished players in the community.

    Based on my experience as a developer and as a player, I am saying you don't know what you're talking about, or yes, you're lying. You either spent money and are not owning up to it, or you abused the bugs in the game and didn't earn being maxed out legitimately.

    Either way, it doesn't change the fact that it's not possible unless you spent money or cheated.
  • MizifuuMizifuu Member Posts: 62
    Ok master, you are right you are "one of the most technical and accomplished players" and your data to support your position is so overwhelming that we in fact are liars or cheaters or both!
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    I bought one fresh survivor bundle late in the game (in order to get to council 16) and play a lot but still have to level farms twice, tents twice, supply storage twice except one only has to go once, and hospital, mission car and workshop once.

    Outpost and Walker pit need lots of upgrades.

    But I have lots of lvl 16 toons, and have finished all episodes normal, up to 10 hard and 8 nightmare. Play challenges up to 100/140 and will do outpost again once I spend my 15000 for a lvl 17 Lucille.

    I try not to feel the grind too much, and I never farmed the levels you can flee.
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    Alright, lets keep things civil.
  • jt41jt41 Member Posts: 116
    I want to people consider "farming" cheating by way of abusing of a bug? Or is that something intentionally built into a game? I thought it was some intentional feature that I just didn't notice and so I missed, because it seems like it is a common enough concept that more experienced players knew to look for it/ask about it. And it IS pretty ridiculous to call people cheaters and liars as if you directly witnessed their game and have any standing to say such a thing, especially when they are offering you their own experiences and calculations...just sayin'.

  • LadyAquilaLadyAquila Member Posts: 625
    I don't think most people would consider farming to be cheating. NG knows very well about the maps where this is possible, and I believe they intentionally build them that way. This is a strategy game after all, and figuring this out is part of good game strategy.

    However, some people have referenced some kind of device that would essentially "auto-click" for you to farm while they sleep. I think most would think of that as cheating.
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    why would farming be cheating?

    as someone who has spent a fair bit of money on gold (more than id care to admit) farming 7.4 nightmare isnt even the most efficient way to get xp if you can afford some gold in the last 2-3 days ive farmed the xp side mission on chapter 13 hard mode buying all 9 picks after the mission and refilling my gas tank with gold i get between 80-100k each gas refill and ive maxed out two level 17 weapons from scratch (a little over 2 million each) and im already back to 70k xp after my most recent upgrade. it has cost maybe 4000 gold to do that considering it costs 6300 just to go from 19-20 instantly i thought it was worth while

    and thats without max strategy either and having to use gold for healing when i probably could be a little more careful and avoid getting hit at all

    side bonus of doing it this way i also pulled a lvl 17 katana with gold arc, and about 50 radios which make up part of the cost of the gold spent in and of themselves
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,071
    I'm with @whaler213. I currently spend my gold on gas and chests after farming missions. I was wrongly under the assumption that hanging around on these missions to kill the level 21, 22 and even 23 walkers was the way to earn the extra XP. Now when I need XP I just blow through the mission and open the 9 chests. I can make a million XP in a few hours. This is how I upgrade my survivors and gear. I pull a lot of radios and gas in those chests too which helps. Is that cheating? Not to me.
  • jt41jt41 Member Posts: 116
    yeah, but you must run through a lot of gold to open all those 3x3 chests, which means you must be buying the bundles...or am I wrong?
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    I've only bought the fresh survivor bundle twice the first one was very early in the game but I got 9m tomatoes out of the last one I bought. I've got 7m tomatoes saved and only 1 tent upgrade to be maxed. I do play a lot but often have entire days off over the weekend. I didnt even start playing the game until it had been out a few weeks.
    I'm pretty sure it would be entirely possible to be completely upgraded without spending a penny.
    Although I can get away with playing at work which I guess a lot of people can't.

    I also barely played in the challenges at all until recently because the rewards were worthless and just did lots of farming missions. Now I do no farming missions at all and lots of challenges and outpost raids. It's a lot more enjoyable
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    Thanks for reply. I enjoyed reading. You have done pretty good. Heck, you have better survivors than i do. Well done. It sounds to me like you are gettin burnt out. i got burnt out a while ago. I took some time off from game and just logged on once or twice a day to collect resource and spend what was full. It helped me enjoy the game again. Dont get discouraged you are doin great. Thanks for sharing.
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    Well done thanks for sharing
  • Survivor420Survivor420 Member Posts: 103
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    Well done and thanks for reply. I also only started playin this game because of walking dead link. Enjoy ur future gaming if u decide to keep playing. @Mizifuu
  • Survivor420Survivor420 Member Posts: 103
    @Neil_J thanks for reply. Well done. I also was late to forums. Didnt get to forum till i figured out i needed to learn some things bout game. Lessons learned. Good luck to ya
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    @zoson I agree with you. I have been playing since October and while I have 4 level 17 characters and some high level gear, I am not close to maxed out. I admit I could farm more, but my guild likes those stars. Since I cannot afford to spend money due to job loss, I can only play for free now so I use almost all the gas on challenge missions.

    In short, without an exploit, there is no way to be maxed out on everything at this point in time (since game launch) without dropping some cash on the game (and I appreciate the people that do!).
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    @PapaSmurf Yup, anyone that doubts me can check my youtube channel out. I've been posting videos since new game content started coming out, and you can clearly see my progression. Not to mention searching this forum will allow you to find the calculations that me and some others put together.

    Nobody thinks farming xp is cheating. Not even NextGames themselves. This is about being maxed out, not about farming xp though. Farming doesn't help you get tomatoes. It's very simple for anyone who thinks critically about the way the game mechanics work to come to the conclusion that it's simply not possible to be maxed out without spending money.

    I'm not even saying spending money is a bad thing or makes you lesser of a player. Just that it's not possible to be maxed out without having spent some money on the game. It's certainly hilarious that someone would get bent out of shape over that.
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    @IRONDee . Thanks for reply. Nice pic by the way. Youre cute
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    I started playing about a month ago and have spent about $10 and am level 26. Trying not to spend any money on this and have been farming at levels 8-10 staying in the Episode 8/9 areas until I get my council to 11 so I can upgrade gas. 5 gas missions suck when 15 is your max. Getting a little boring so probably moving on soon
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