Six signs that the game got you!

You know you're hooked on this game when...

1) see a girl in a leather jacket walking down the street and you think to yourself: she's a shooter.

2) are acutely aware that your gas tank will be maxed out at 2:23pm. You time your work break for 2:22pm to run a few missions so no gas goes to waste.

3) hear someone using the word epic and you instantly think of the color blue.

4)'re out of gas and you desperately click on the cinema, even though it doesn't blink red (there was that one time when it worked without blinking and you got gas, really, it happened!).

5) wonder whether the screwdriver you have in your tool box down in your basement is uncommon or perhaps rare (to be fair, you know it's not a legendary).

6) set your alarm clock for the middle of the night when your hunter is done upgrading, so you can start the next upgrade immediately. And while you're awake, you play a few missions so the gas isn't wasted.

I guess I love this game and I suspect I'm not the only one to have done these things! I'm sure you guys can come up with more :)
I'm lost.

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  • LadyAquilaLadyAquila Member Posts: 625
    Okay, I've done 2 and 3. And although I didn't set an alarm, I did get up once in the middle of the night (woke up naturally) and started my next level upgrade. ;)
  • AzBewbsAzBewbs Member Posts: 159
    I have done 2 and 4 and somewhat 6 altho it is usually when I am at work and make an impromptu bathroom break lol.
  • Annette578Annette578 Member Posts: 501
    That sounds extremely Legendary! ( has that nuclear been checked) make sure it's not glowing! Lol :D
  • TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,032
    Hahaha @Annette578 , that's a good one. Did you ever admit it to your husband? If he plays the game, he would understand.
    I'm lost.

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  • timflo83xtimflo83x Member Posts: 88
    #2 and #4 definitely for me. A unique one for me is one time I was about to take a nap and with my eyes closed, I could see the home screen as if I was if it was burned into memory. I had to open my eyes as it was very detailed vision!
  • Cherokee_RoseCherokee_Rose NML Moderator Posts: 795
    #2 and #4 for me as well. I often dream of playing missions lol :lol:
  • LadyAquilaLadyAquila Member Posts: 625

    I often dream of playing missions lol :lol:

    I know that I have had dreams where I am cautiously stepping slowly...just 3 at a time...line up my shot... ;)

  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    yup 2 & 4 & 6 kinda i just play till i go to sleep if i wake up i play & 5 kinda im just thinkin bout the tools i use at work like my long 1/2 in dr snap on wratchet
  • Cherokee_RoseCherokee_Rose NML Moderator Posts: 795
    Lol @NCDawgFan I was that spouse that had no idea and could care less about another game my hubby played, but we both play this game and can talk about it and be excited for each other. It's fun to have a game we both love. :smile:
  • creativeusernamecreativeusername Member Posts: 87
    timflo83x said:

    #2 and #4 definitely for me. A unique one for me is one time I was about to take a nap and with my eyes closed, I could see the home screen as if I was if it was burned into memory. I had to open my eyes as it was very detailed vision!

    I have done this a number of times. Even worse is the times where i cant quite open my eyes so i close my fist to make sure that im not holding my phone
  • gabriel_lwhgabriel_lwh Member Posts: 454
    100% guilty of #2 and also something else not listed..

    Knowing clearly of the time when a new weekly challenge would start, I calculate backwards 3.5 hours (full gas tank of 21 gas) so that I know when to stop using my gas. When the new weekly challenge starts, I have a full gas tank to breeze past the 1st round of missions :smile:

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  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,689
    Lol! I have done those 6 and probably six more in real life, like throw a friend when seems no more "upgradble" ... ^^'
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  • kiwinz7kiwinz7 Member Posts: 916
    Number 2. for me :-). I also call slow people walking in front of me "walkers"
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  • PimpOfTheDeadPimpOfTheDead Member Posts: 654
    Who needs to set an alarm when you just don't bother sleeping until you know your upgrades are started & you left yourself enough time & xp to start the next 1 timed almost exact & yes when u do decide to put it down finally always need to make sure your gas gauge reads 0 or as close to it & then your bonus crates gives you more gas so you need to burn that also & by that time your eyes are going buggy & the sun starts shining through the window & you think to yourself, "oops should probably go to sleep" & @Cherokee_Rose many times after is where your comment comes in as you close your eyes as tired as you are, your survivors are still shooting constant spawning walkers in your head so it takes you forever to fall asleep & when u finally do, you actually believe you're still upgrading & making progress & so proud of yourself for getting so far ahead, when your device is actually sitting next to you powered off & then that's when u wake & realize..... "Hmmm maybe I do have a problem?" NAH!!! Nothing another tank of gas can't fix lol
  • Cherokee_RoseCherokee_Rose NML Moderator Posts: 795
    Lol @PimpOfTheDead you hit the nail on the head with that statement. :lol:
  • apexstagapexstag Member Posts: 10
    *when you watch the walking dead, and critique how stupid they are being comparing it to what you would do/which weapons you would take if that exact scene was a level in no mans land!

    *when you buy bundles just cos you want your little fake virtual characters to look more like the real characters from the show, and you don't actually care about the gold/weapon you get with it. on that note how fucking shit balls shit crap was the michonne outfit.....where was the badass forest hooded shawl!

    *when you make a birthday wish and you wish for a zombie apocalypse to actually happen because you want to see if you can survive like the badass you think you would be in such a scenario

    *when you walk by a boarded up shop and you think....i reckon there's probably a medicine counter in there with exactly what i need

    *when you revert back to looking at maps and signposts instead of using your phone as a satnav, because your phones only use is to make sure your gas don't fill up
  • IllbrainerIllbrainer Member Posts: 464
    - running with your kids from playground back home to get wifi Connection when you noticed maintenance is done!
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  • JohnbertJohnbert Member Posts: 192
    Dale said:

    7)... when you find yourself brushing your teeth with one hand and hitting "End turn" with the other.

    haha, i know that too B)
  • DeadBeatDeadBeat Member Posts: 681
    When you tell your hubby that you have 'woman's problems' & can't go out this weekend.

    Yep the 'problem' was its 1 min gas weekend & my women survivors needed new equipment!!!
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