Maxed camp without spending cash



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    I agree it is not possible to be maxed without spending money.
    I started playing after 2 weeks so tag behind a bit.
    I'm close to player lvl 45. Need one more farm upgrade, 4 storage, tents are lvl7 and didn't bother with outpost. I bought 2 bundels with full supplies (bit to soon) and we got one free full supply on new years gift. So i'm still about 15 million short. But i'm glad i'm not maxed out.
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    @ste . Well done. Thanks for sharing. I would love to have those tomatoes
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    Thanks all for replies. Just going off the status of my camp i could just imagine the level of dedication it would take to max your camp without buying. If i put that much effort into playing the game, i would probably get a little upset if i was called liar or cheater. Has been an interesting discussion.
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    @Mizifuu I think tha @zoson was trying to point out that you only added in the cost of the final upgrade or upgrades for the buildings. To determine the actual cost you'd need to determine the cumulative cost of all upgrades.

    There is no reliable way to figure out how many supplies could have been earned since release...but I feel confident that if you had focused on supply runs vs challenges, you could have collected a very large amount.

    I know that I had my camp maxed prior to the last two council upgrade, but that was based on several full supply bundles. My camp is maxed again now without addition supplies to assist, but I have used tons of gold to aid in XP collection which results in some share of "purchased supplies" as well.

    I don't know if it is possible to be truly maxed yet without spending. I'd not rule it out if and individual were utterly focused on supply runs instead of challenges, gear, and XP. But I'd take the bet that the number of maxed, free players is very low.

    Just so there is no confusion over what I mean by maxed, I'm talking there is no building left to upgrade and I can't collect supplies from farms, missions, chests, camp walkers. It's actually an unfortunate position to be in, so why race for it?
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    Impossible to have a maxed camp without spending a dime.I am thinking about buying my first bundle for 2.99 just for the supplies and can honestly say I have at least 8 to 10 hours in since approx a week or 2 after it came out...I bust my ass on this game just trying to beat it the old school way..there is no way even if I didn't sleep eat or is a hot commodity without buying way to pay for gas, or boxes but free movies and the theater.very long grueling process and crazy hours farming with no challenges done untill the recent weeks where I can earn boxes to try for legendary weapons..I am sure I have made some mistakes along the way in my building process but even if all was perfectly distributed throughout all the buildings and farms I am still hard pressed to believe it would be possible by any person to max out a camp without dropping money in somewhere along the way. I have made level 42 so far..and worked very, very hard for more hours spent into a game than I even want to think about for something I am not getting paid to do..but I love the damn game as much as it totally frustrates me with how long everything takes..
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    As another "notably one of the most technical and accomplished players in the community," I say it is possible.
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    jester said:

    As another "notably one of the most technical and accomplished players in the community," I say it is possible.

    been thinking about it and it might be, if you did no challenges and ONLY farmed tomatoes for 6 months. But i don't think i could do 6 months of grinding.
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    If you have maxed for free you need to seek medical help.

    Having been an advocate for the ability to play this game for free I don't believe it is now possible to max for free.
    Before the last update I was close to maxed with a $50 spend.
    Started the game in November, my strategy has been to play tomato missions and have only played challenge missions since TG was introduced. I maxed my farms straight after council and set timers/ reminders so I clear the farms for maximum production. During to 2 fuel events fuel I generated well over 3million tomatoes.
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    The flaw with just grinding food is it would gimp your survivors and equipment so badly that you would be stuck being unable to progress the story. That, in turn, gimps your ability to earn more food from the later exploration missions. And, as mentioned by others, it wouldn't be fun.

    It's part of good game design to keep the goal tangible but actually out of reach. That's how you keep people coming back and playing. If you think it's possible without spending cash, you've been fooled by good game design.
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    PhilJ said:

    If you have maxed for free you need to seek medical help.

    Ah, the stock Internet "you did something I couldn't therefore you must be sick" response. Internez, technology changes, but you always remain the same. LOL.

    Nowadays, every three hours I do three exploration missions, which take a minute each of real time. Sometimes I do a fourth mission if I get a gasoline drop. So all told, I play this game about 20 minutes a day. Add another 10 minutes a day waiting for that damn "reconnecting" message to go away. Once a week or so while watching TWD, I will "clean the attic" and scrap unused weapons/armor. NML is a casual game and I treat it as such. Keeps things in perspective.
    It's totally possible to max (or near max) your buildings with such a schedule, particularly now that it seems as if Council upgrades will only occur once every other month.

    zoson said:

    The flaw with just grinding food is it would gimp your survivors and equipment so badly that you would be stuck being unable to progress the story.

    All the way up to when I had level 16 characters, I never had a problem staying 2 levels above my max survivor level on the story missions (i.e. doing lev 18 story missions). So no, your survivors are NOT gimped. Now admittedly, there was a period there when I had lev 16 survivors, and 16 was the level max. I think the gas event occurred at the same time and so I was able to max several weapons (lev 16 upgraded to 19). That probably did help me with the lev 18 missions. But from level 5 to 15? 98% of my gasoline was spent on food exploration and story missions. Once outposts were introduced I'd do one of those a day. Xp exploration missions? Absolutely not. That's what radios were for. And keep in mind that with today's game lacking overleveled characters, you have even less incentive to develop elite survivors/gear. The bottom line is that if your top survivors right now are level 10, and you want to do level 18 content as soon as possible, the fastest strategy to accomplish that is to grind food.
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    Right, but you were never maxed out. and survivor level has NOTHING to do with being maxed out on buildings. Also +2 isn't impressive. I managed +3 and +4 through most of the story. So yes, your survivors were gimped.
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    Zoson, I explicitly stated what level my buildings were at, but nice strawman attempt to claim I said otherwise. As far as "gimped" characters go, I'd much rather focus on getting gimped 2 star survivors two levels above a maxed out legendary toon. In particular consider the example I posed of a player with level 10 survivors that wants to reach higher level story missions as soon as possible. Your strategy would be to use your radios to get 4/5 star survivors, level them up, level up gear and then hit level 14 story missions. My strategy would be to push buildings so I can get level 12 survivors and then do the same content. And initially it might occur at about the same time. But then that same player will want to do level 16 story missions. So now you will have to build the same buildings I've already built. In the time it takes you to do so, I'll be grinding at two levels higher on exploration missions, getting more food from my bigger farms and will be able to push my buildings at about the same rate that you do. Except that once you get your buildings up to accommodate level 12 survivors, you still need to get a whole new set of maxed out gear. Very rapidly the focus on elite survivor/gear strategy falls behind the push buildings strategy. The proof is in the pudding - I didn't play the game for over a month of its existence, I never spent r/l money and I don't macro. And I still have a full roster of 4 star survivors (with a sprinkling of 5 and 2 star ones), am at level 46.7 overall on my camp.

    The bottom line is this: different people will want to play the game different ways. The OP asked how far players who don't spend r/l money have progressed in the game. I gave him a method to rapidly progress without spending r/l money and with a modest investment of r/l time. If you want to play a different way, have at it. I certainly don't begrudge or look down on anyone who wants to spend a few bucks to enhance their enjoyment of this game. But if nothing else than for your own mental well being you need to respect others that use strategies different than your own rather than going through a difficult process of denial ("you would be stuck unable to progress the story"), anger ("your survivors were gimped") before getting to acceptance (when you pay $3 to fill your food buffer and use than food to improve your farms, that will be acceptance).
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