Outpost raiding inquiry????

Just curious if all outposts are actual player accounts?? Or if the game throws in some simulated 1s u can raid over & over, not that I'm complaining lol, but always thought once u raid an outpost an 8hr shield is supposed to go up so that acct can't be hit again unless that player attacks which forfeits & drops their shield. But it seems that when u do a raid search & find some of your favorite juicy raids it may be a different tg amount in that outpost in the morning or night, but whenever you decide to go raiding it may cost 10 to 100 to find the 1 u want but after u smashed it you can just keep going back & searching for the same 1 over & over as many times as u want & getting the exact same tg each time without a shield going up or their tg depleting & like I said not complaining but is this a bug or just npc accounts? Took my meds already so eyes blurry lol hope this thread makes sense & other players may wonder same


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    Don't give it away..................
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    I think i have found a couple, but takes me alot more than 10 searches to find em
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    @PimpOfTheDead , I raided u a couple of time yesterday... Lol :-)
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    If u did @Lamsir it didn't show up in my log? Or tell me I was raided? & nothing was missing lol
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    It's a broken system my friend :)
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